Blue Generator 2 lbs | 30 Servings


  • may stimulate muscle growth
  • may support accelerated muscle recovery
  • helps and supports fights aging
  • patented manufacturing process


Product Description

Blue Generator is high tech customized blueberry powder made from a patented process that may support the ability to regenerate muscle cells along with a host of secondary benefits.  Blue Generator is a novel bodybuilding powder that may support the stimulation of muscle growth.

Why It Matters

Research has proven that blueberries benefit bodybuilders in several ways, however, it was not until a study came in September 2020 that solidified blueberries as a must-have bodybuilding food.   The study concluded that the consumption of blueberries can increase muscle progenitor cells in the body thereby stimulating muscle growth.

Proteinfactory Makes It Better

If you are a long time Proteinfactory customer do you really think we would just sell ordinary blueberry powder?  OF COURSE NOT!!  When the study was published it stated that freeze-dried blueberry powder was used.  However, here at we always look for ways to deliver to our customers superior and novel products.  Previously, Alex Rogers, owner of Proteinfactory, has experience working with freeze-dried techniques.   Mr. Rogers developed fertile egg yolk powder using the freeze-drying method.  But he knew of a better technique that delivered a higher quality powder.  The technique is a patented method that results in much higher nutrient retention and a higher concentrated powder.  The final product is a powerful muscle-building blueberry powder.  Could this be a more effective powder than freeze-dried?  Possibly!!

How To Use Blue Generator

Use 1/4 cup or 4 tbs per serving and use daily.  Combine with your protein powder pre or post-workout.

For example

1/4 Blue Generator

3 tsp of Total Frag 250

Almond Milk

1/4 cup Oatmuscle

A handful of organic blueberries

2 tbs of Honey Muscle


The Benefits of Blueberry Powder Supplementation

How To Increase Human Muscle Progenitor Cell (hMPC) Using the BED Diet


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs