How To Increase Human Muscle Progenitor Cell (hMPC) Using the BED Diet

Dietary intervention is a feasible and compelling approach to augment muscle regeneration with minimal side effects
and can be used in conjunction with future hMPC-based

Jamie E Blum, Brandon J Gheller, Sinwoo Hwang, Erica Bender, Mary Gheller, and Anna E Thalacker-Mercer
Division of Nutritional Science, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

Ever hear of this term?

Human muscle progenitor cell (hMPC)

Well, in a nutshell, it is the cells in your body that are responsible for muscle regeneration. And guess what?

BLUEBERRIES, YES BLUEBERRIES, showed in research to increase human muscle progenitor cells!! The study just came out last month!! And guess who’s been using them with their protein pretty much every day?


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It was not too long that I wrote an article about blueberries. And it turns out I was onto something. You see, I have been using this protein drink for a while.

Lets call it the Human Muscle Cell Progenitor Shake! Or you may even call it the BED Diet (Blueberry Enriched Diet)

1/4 cup of Muscle shake

2 tbs of Peptopro

2 handfuls of organic blueberries or measure out 38 grams (per day)

2 tbs of raw honey

almond milk

2 bananas.

and sometimes Creapure.

The results have been pretty awesome. And one of the reasons maybe because of the blueberries.

Check out the study that just came out last month. It concluded this.

After six weeks, the results showed the blueberry-enriched serum obtained from the women aged 25-40 increased human muscle progenitor cell numbers in culture. There was also a trend toward a lower percentage of dead human muscle progenitor cells, suggesting resistance to oxidative stress, as well as increased oxygen consumption of the cells.

Try the stack I mentioned above for a few months….

You’ll be generating new muscle cells, according to the research.