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Product Description

Dihydrotestosterone Supplement  (DHT)

DHT supplement support is a male hormone that is responsible for muscle growth in the human body.   Utilizing supplements to support DHT could just be what you’re looking for to trigger new muscle growth.  When I first heard of a select few of bloggers and nutritionists recommending foods and supplements to increase DHT levels for muscle building purposes, I began my research into these supplements.  What I found was that utilizing supplements to support dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body is extremely beneficial for increasing muscle mass.

Everyone has heard of supplements that are focused on testosterone.  Whether these testosterone supplements naturally increase testosterone like LJ 100 or tribulus, or supplements that help you use more of what you have, like my Unleashed.  But what about the metabolite of testosterone called DHT?  “The process by which your body (male and female, btw.) generates this powerful androgen, the receptor-affinity of which is about 3x-10x higher than that of testosterone is called 5-alpha reductase (5-ar) “(Ref:  Suppversity)

However, I had to ask myself will increasing DHT levels naturally help increase muscle mass?  Are there benefits to supporting healthy DHT levels in the body?

First, the muscle growth benefits.  The best article I found on this subject was on Suppversity.  The article came to the conclusion that YES, DHT does play an important part in building lean muscle mass.  Here is the quote…..

As, contrary to some of its synthetic cousins, the current research suggests that the original father of all androgens may be an indispensable bystander, when its precursor testosterone is blowing up your muscles, its immediate effects do yet appear to be restricted to strength and body composition.

In layman’s terms…..DHT is vital for strength and body composition.

DHT Supplement can help with fat loss

“Serum DHT levels, on the other hand, showed the strongest negative correlation with total body fat, total body fat (% total mass), arm fat, leg fat and trunk fat of all three measured androgens (cf. figure 3) and was a close second to total testosterone as far as its negative, i.e. diminishing, effects on central fat distribution is concerned (r = -0.07; p <0.05).”  Suppversity

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate can also support DHT levels.  Here is a study

creatine DHT

Obviously stacking creatine monohydrate (Creapure) with our DHT support would be a great idea. Loading the creatine with DHT support will help give a quick boost in DHT.

How To Use DHT Support

You can use DHT support at any time during the day,  3 capsules for the serving size.   You want to stack DHT support with our Creapure creatine monohydrate.


You can also stack DHT support with our Unleashed, Tribulus, and Yohimbe.  Keep in mind that you’d want to take DHT Support at a separate time then Unleashed.  For example, take Unleashed in the morning and DHT Support at night.

DHT & Hair Loss.

A common question I started getting with this product was, “What about DHT and hair loss?”, “I thought higher DHT meant I would lose my hair?”.

Answer:  No, the common myth is that high levels of DHT will lead to hair loss or alopecia.  As Suppversity mentioned in this article.  High levels of DHT actually lowered the chances of losing one’s hair.

...”a 1992 paper by Knussmann et al. (Knussmann. 1992) showed that contrary to common believe the correlation between allopecia and serum DHT levels in the 110 healthy young men in their study is a negative one”



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