NZ (New Zealand) 7000 Whey Protein 5lb

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NZ 7000 comes directly from the New Zealand region where the cows are grass-fed, hormone-free, and rBST-free!  See our “cow feed statement” & “hormone-free statement” below.


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Product Description

NZ 7000 is a high quality whey protein 5lb unit sourced from the New Zealand Region. The NZ 7000 goes through our strict quality control testing standards for strength, composition, purity, and identity. Additionally, in these countries, the cows are grass fed and hormone free. Many supplement companies try to make this claim but none can prove it with 3rd party testing like we here at®

Our NZ 7000 is made under the careful watchful eye of protein supplement manufacturing expert, and owner of, Alex Rogers.  NZ 7000 whey protein 5lb does not contain any artificial sweeteners or flavorings.  It is made without soy lecithin.  Many protein powders contain soy lecithin, which is not a good thing to use.

Whey protein 5lb

A lot of companies claim to sell grass-fed, hormone free, rBST free whey protein, but unless they can prove it, don’t trust them.   Don’t fool for the grass fed whey protein scam.® is throwing down the gauntlet and saying, “It’s time to put up or shut!” to our competition. Demand 3rd party lab analysis, demand to see tests for protein strength in grams, demand to make them prove to you that the protein they CLAIM to be rBST free really is. Enough with the marketing hype already! Either you have the analytical proof or you don’t. Buy our NZ 7000 – coming directly from the New Zealand region where the cows are grass fed, hormone free, and rBST free!  We offer NZ 7000 in a 5 lb unit.  You receive about 75 servings per bag.  You can mix this protein with any liquid you wish.  Use post workout, pre workout, or make great protein shakes with it.

I recommend combining with creapure brand creatine post workout with some carbs like a banana and green veggies.




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