The Grass Fed Whey Protein Scam Uncovered: Are You Getting Scammed?

The term grass fed whey protein is one that should be explained by a protein expert.  If you want to know the truth about grass-fed whey, keep reading.  Or if you just want to buy the best grass fed whey protein, click here.  To satisfy the consumer need for healthier food, companies for a long time have been manufacturing and promoting their ingredients and products that are organic.  These organic products have turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.  It’s no secret the organic food market is huge.  The organic market also reaches out all they way to protein supplements as well.  However, this is where it gets ugly.  Because if you have been reading my blog posts (If you have not then I suggest you do if you care about your money and the quality of your protein supplements) you’ll know that the protein supplement industry is filled with scumbags that will rip you off any chance they get.  These companies come in all different shapes and sizes, and they have infiltrated the organic whey protein market.  These cheating business owners have found a way to take advantage of a particular consumer audience.

Grass fed whey protein

This audience, including myself, is concerned about what kind of food they put into their mouths and what kind of chemicals should NOT be going into our their mouths. Essentially this particular group of people does not want to be subjected to unwanted chemicals and additives in their food.  In addition to their food, they don’t want it (chemicals and additives) in their protein powders as well.  When it comes to whey protein, some people prefer to get their whey protein from dairy cows that meet the follow criteria.

  1. grass-fed
  2. free range
  3. hormone free
  4. antibiotic free
  5. organic
  6. raw
  7. cold-processed
  8. pasture fed

That is all fine and dandy…sounds great right?  Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched!!  I’d like to introduce to you the brand new “scam” that some companies are using to sell their whey protein powders that I’d like to call the “Grass-Fed Whey Protein Scam.”

This scam started for one reason and one reason only MONEY. Organic food and protein are very expensive.  Go run out to Whole Foods and try to buy organic fruit and veggies and you’ll see what I am talking about.  Organic whey protein is very expensive.  I used to sell it back in the day but stopped because of the price.  Price is the reason this whole scam started because people would not pay the price for organic protein.  They WANTED whey protein with the 8 characteristics above but did not want to pay the price.  So where there is a demand a person will supply, even if it means ripping people off.  And that is how this scam started.

You see the world is filled with evil people that will sell you lies to make a profit.  And selling whey protein that is marketed with the 8 characteristics above is a great scam and makes these companies a lot of money and subjects you to things you do not wish to put into your body.  You see I find this one of the most horrific and damaging scams in the protein supplement business.  (At least on the same level as protein spiking) Forget the money that you are losing from buying a protein powder that is sold at a higher price because you think that it meets the 8 characteristics above, but instead let us focus on the long term health consequences that these scam companies are subjecting you to because they are selling you whey protein that DOES have antibiotics and rBST and made from cows that are not grass-fed and pasture fed.  Quite frankly that pisses me off big time, and it should piss you off big time as well if you want whey protein that TRULY has the 8 characteristics above.

You see this is a very tricky and clever scam.  Typically the whey protein that is marketed as “grass fed whey protein” has a very natural and clean looking label,  it will look very organic and healthy looking.  Most of the time you’ll see happy little cows in grass fed fields.

Companies will use terms like these on the label and in their marketing to claim their protein is grass fed whey protein

  1. New Zealand grass fed
  2. cleanest whey protein
  3. hormone free
  4. free range happy cows
  5. rBST free
  6. pasture fed

They will tell you that they have teamed up with small dairy farms and facilities to make small batches of their protein.  They will inform you that the protein subfractions like the immunoglobulins are higher in their “special” grass fed whey protein.

All of this is bullshit.


The protein companies have found a way to “pretend” they are selling ALMOST organic protein by using all the terms that make you believe that it is just as good as organic.  Terms such as the above:  grass fed whey protein, hormone free, happy free range cows, etc.  They can do this because the FDA has a hard enough time chasing down companies that are violating the Code of Federal Regulations 111’s for Dietary Supplements, let alone chase companies that are buying whey protein made from milk from cows that were treated with hormones, caged up, and fed grain and then marketing it as practically organic.  The really clever and sneaky companies will not use the word “organic” on their labels and in their marketing because they know the USDA does police this.

You see terms like grass fed whey, hormone free, happy free range cows; rBST free are terms that are not aggressively policed by the FDA.  Therefore, supplement companies will use these terms at free will.  Is this illegal and violation of some FDA, USDA, or FTC laws?  Honestly, I am not sure.  So I have come up with a few checks and balances you can do to make sure that the protein powder you buy is either from an organic source, rBST-free, anti-biotic free, and/or from grass-fed cows and that you truly can get a grass-fed whey protein.

However, I went ahead and asked a bunch of companies selling grass-fed whey protein to PROVE that their protein was actually grass-fed and here are some responses.

In this first response, you see that the company tried to bullshit me.  He actually told me that I need to take his farmer’s word for it and just trust him.

a) if you’re dumb enough to TRUST a company selling protein powder I have a bridge to sell you.

b) No whey protein company has their farms that ONLY sell their brand.  I found this laughable.  Highly laughable.

c) Let me get this straight.   His farmers go through all the trouble making sure they are grass fed and hormone free, and only organic fertilizer is use…however he won’t go the extra step to get certified organic by the USDA.

See his bullshit below…I’m surprised he didn’t tell me that the email he sent me was sent from solar powered computers.  Notice he offers no real documentation…just his bullshit!

grass fed whey scam

Here’s another one, again bullshit and no real documentation.  I love how this one he tried to bullshit me about when it’s raining.  The cows come inside, but yea…they are still fed grass, so no worries!  Whey I was so concerned about the cows getting wet!

grass fed whey protein scam

Finally, I asked one of the biggest liars on the planet right now about grass fed whey.  He sells some coffee that turns you into Superman.  Here is his email back to me.  Of course, they pleaded the 5th.  No real documentation.

grass fed whey scam

No worries check out what I did.

You can also file a complaint as well here   .

Grass fed casein from U.S. cows?

Recently I have seen a company selling micellar casein on Amazon claiming that it was from US farms.  This is a complete flat out lie!  No casein comes from the United States.  I know this, and I recently confirmed this with two casein experts from the industry.  Because of several factors…mainly U.S. companies make casein from U.S. Cows.

In my next article, I will show you how to buy a real grass fed whey protein without having to shell out an arm and a leg to buy USDA organic grass fed whey protein.

In conclusion, my best word of advice to you is that you do NOT buy grass fed whey protein.  If you do most likely it is not.  If anything just buy organic grass fed whey protein.

An alternative would be our NZ 7000, which is directly imported from New Zealand.  Buy now.  Get our grass fed whey protein.