SF-250 | 120 capsules


  • 120 capsules/250mg
  • Rich in IGF-1
  • Valuable immune factors and antibodies
  • May help increase protein metabolism
  • Supports the regeneration phases
  • Use During Anabolic/SARMs cycle
  • Use For Post-Cycle


Product Description

SF-250 is a potent bodybuilding product made from European sheep colostrum.  I recommend using this product for a bulking cycle or a mass gaining program. I would also recommend this product if one has trouble digesting the GF-250.

Why This Matters

IGF-1 has been proven to be an ergogenic bodybuilding supplement. So much so that the NCAA and WADA have banned its use by its athletes when it is in the form of a sheep colostrum supplement. 

colostrum powder banned

Heat Processing Enemy #1 

Heat is the mortal enemy of any nutrient. Heat destroys vitamins, minerals, protein subfractions, and anything else it subjects itself upon.  Not only that but heating artificial sweeteners can make them carcinogenic.  The objective of nutritional ingredients manufacturers is to develop and process ingredients to MAINTAIN their nutrients. If a manufacturer chooses to use heat processing for an ingredient they intend to produce, that ingredient will likely lose its potency. And depending on the amount of heat the ingredient is subjected to will determine its strength.  I have discussed this previously and offer a product called Blue Generator which uses a special process to maintain 99% of naturally occurring nutrients, unlike standard heat processing.   If one finds a sheep colostrum supplement on the retail level, it has been subjected to heat. 

SF-250 vs. Standard Store-Bought Sheep Colostrum Supplements

To date, standard store-bought colostrum powders are subjected to heat when they are pasteurized and then again when the liquid Sheep colostrum is processed from a liquid to a powder using a method called spray drying. Typically pasteurization temperatures can be at least 161 degrees Fahrenheit and spray drying can be at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  

This heat processing is why, in my opinion, is what has made the standard store-bought colostrum “weak.” 

Without a doubt, the heat is reducing the amount and bioavailability of the IGF-1 and other growth factors in the colostrum. From my experience creating the world’s first and only patented follistatin powder made from egg powder, I know the effects heat processing has on protein subfractions and nutrients. IT DESTROYS them!  (if you want to know why my name is NOT on the patent feel free to ask, I’ll tell you the truth)

Our SF-250 is manufactured using ZERO heat.  No heat pasteurization and the powder is NOT spray dried.  This results in a sheep colostrum powder that contains the maximum amount of naturally occurring immunoglobulins, growth factors, and bio-identical hormones. It is safe to say that SF-250 is 100% bio-active, unlike standard sheep colostrum. 

What can one expect from SF-250 Sheep Colostrum Usage?

In my opinion, from my experience with blood serum proteins and looking at the studies done on colostrum, one can expect muscle and strength gains. SF-250 contains colostrum, which contains IGF-1. But most importantly, it is a form of colostrum that most likely athletes have never used before. I would bet the studies done on colostrum used standard colostrum supplements (heat processed).  


colostrum supplement

colostrum study

CONSUMER WARNING:  Don’t be fooled by companies trying to sell you on grass-fed, hormone-free, New Zealand, first milking marketing hype, and B.S.  This has nothing to do with the actual quality of the compounds naturally occurring in colostrum.  The manufacturing process of HEAT pasteurization and HEAT spray drying is the issue. 

How To Use SF-250 Sheep Colostrum

Two capsules in the morning and two capsules at night. On an empty stomach with water. 

Use for eight weeks minimum.

1 bottle is a 1 month’s supply.

Extra precautions are taken to further protect the growth factors in SF-250 by using Miron bottles.


New Product Line Coming Soon! Growth Factor Series!