New Product Line Coming Soon! Growth Factor Series!

A new line is coming to Protein Factory that I am very excited to offer. This new line brings you potentially powerful new muscle-building weapons. And it marks another “first to market” product for the Protein Factory. The sports nutrition industry has never seen a product line like I am about to introduce. This is very exciting news!  

This new line revolves around colostrum and the growth factors that are contained within the powder. However, this is not your typical colostrum that every Tom, Dick, and Harry is selling today. We are originators, not followers! If you’re a Protein Factory customer, I would think that you expect more out of me than that to resurrect and copy some old product. As a Protein Factory customer, you expect me to come out with products nobody else has ever seen. And I uphold those expectations by releasing this new line. 

Why It Matters?

On paper, colostrum would look like to be a potent bodybuilding powder. But for some reason, it has disappointed many muscle-seeking users for decades. Hell, this powder has been around for over 30 years, and nobody is touting its usage as a must for bodybuilding nutrition.

So what is the problem?  

Again on paper, one would think colostrum is an excellent bodybuilding powder. Colostrum contains growth factors like IGF-1 that can help support muscle growth. IGF-1 increases muscle growth and increases protein synthesis. (1)Professional bodybuilders are known to take massive amounts of drugs to obtain their unnatural massive physiques use IGF-1 consistently. Not only that, but colostrum powder includes a whole other host of growth factors. But if colostrum powder contains all of these growth factors, why doesn’t it produce any noticeable results?

Why colostrum does not “work.”

About seven years ago, I created the world’s first and only egg powder that contained follistatin. Follistatin reduces myostatin in the human body. Myostatin, in layman’s terms, stops muscle growth. Less myostatin in the subject, more muscle, whether it’s a bull, rat, or human. Google it, if you have not already, and you’ll see what I am talking about.  

How did I invent this natural follistatin powder?

It all started when a company hired me to produce a natural follistatin powder because they could not. The main obstacle I faced was how to produce the egg powder without eliminating the follistatin. Previous attempts to manufacture fertile egg yolk powder using heat pasteurization and spray drying destroyed the delicate follistatin. Therefore I used two manufacturing techniques that did NOT kill the follistatin. These two techniques were so unique that they were PATENTED. The end result was a successful egg powder with naturally occurring follistatin. You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with colostrum. The two are related because colostrum manufacturers today are using the same manufacturing processes on colostrum that they used on the egg powder. These processes, in my opinion, are also destroying the growth factors in the colostrum. And that, my friends, is why colostrum has been a disappointing product when it comes to increasing muscle growth. Guess what?  


If I were to ask you what is healthier to eat, vegetables grown in your backyard or vegetables from a can? If I asked you what is better, eating salmon that you just caught in a fresh stream or farm-raised salmon? If I asked you what is healthier, meat from a factory or meat from grass-fed, hormone-free cows. You get where I am heading with this, but I’m taking it a step further. It is easy to find colostrum from grass-fed cows and hormone-free, coming out of New Zealand, etc. However, what these companies do not tell you is this… (and look, I don’t blame them for not telling you this because they have no choice. It is what it is. )

The colostrum powder they are selling you has been HEAT pasteurized and spray dried using HEAT. Which, in my opinion, kills the growth factors and/or most certainly reduces the amount to some degree. I don’t care if they tell you, “Oh well, we use LOW HEAT,” or “We use a gentle pasteurization process.” No matter how much these manufacturers want to bullshit their way out of the problem, there is no way they can bullshit their way out of the heat the colostrum is subject to.  

The Big Difference.

You can see where I am heading with this. My new line contains colostrum in which some of the products are not subjected AT ALL to heat, and the others, 50% less. 

This is the same method I used to produce naturally occurring follistatin powder. NO HEAT processing. HEAT BAD!!! Therefore I eliminated it from this line as best I could.

I am initially launching the flagship product, which I am called GF-250. It comes in capsules in a glass amber bottle. When you get the bottle, you will see first and foremost that the bottle itself is something you’ve never seen before. GF-250 is the purest of the pure, when it comes to colostrum. No heat pasteurization and no spray drying.  

What Can One Expect From GF-250. 

My opinion is based on my past experience consuming my Bio Serum 1, which was bovine serum albumin LOADED with growth factors. My customers that used this product and I noticed strength gains within a couple of weeks. Then I have some customers that are BEGGING me to get in Bio Serum 1 again, which I am working on. However, this just tells me that the consumption of natural IGF-1 works when properly manufactured and NOT subjected to HEAT.

GF 250