Total Fragmentation 250 (Unflavored) | 4 lbs Bundle

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  • Hyper Anabolic
  • World’s first 100% peptide protein powder (total fragmentation)
  • Unique & Patented Protected
  • Stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis in 30 minutes
  • Supports Faster Recovery Time

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Product Description

What Is Total Fragmentation 250?

Total Frag 250 is a micro manufactured, designer, 100% hydrolyzed whey protein with no soy or sunflower lecithin.  Made from grass-fed cows, non-gmo, and no rBST.  The powder is produced in Germany using an innovative bio-fermentation process and imported into the United States under our exclusive contract agreement.  This means this product can never be duplicated, copied, or sold by any other company but   If you want a 100% hydrolyzed whey protein, this is it.

Podcast:  All About Total Frag 250

What Makes It Special?

Total Frag 250 is a hyper anabolic protein powder that supports have the ability to increase muscle mass like no other protein powder has done before.  Upon consumption, Total Frag 250 rapidly increases amino acids into the bloodstream.  The U.S. government has awarded the protein in Total Frag 250 with patent protection in November of this year.  No other whey protein in the world, will ever be like Total Frag 250.

The “anabolic window” is the critical time to make sure the body is supplied with amino acids.  Only a hydrolyzed protein can deliver amino acids during this critical time, thereby causing a hyper anabolic state.

hydrolyzed whey protein isolate

What Kind Of Results Will One Experience?

Because the di and tripeptides are consumed at such a high rate, and those peptides are absorbed in a hyperbolic manner, most users will experience an increase in muscle mass if combined with resistance exercise.

How To Use Total Frag 250

Use 2-4 tbs immediately pre workout and 2-4 tbs 1-2 hours after training session has ending.

Take 2-4 tbs and mix with a minimum of 16 oz of a flavored beverage.  The flavored beverage can be lemonade, Gatorade, Powerade, grape juice, pomegranate juice, orange juice, or any fruit flavored drink.  You can use chocolate milk or Nesquik.  The great thing about Total Frag 250 is that it mixes instantly without clumping.  Nesquik also mixes without clumping and when mixed together it results in a great tasting chocolate drink.

Note:  We always recommend combining Total Fragmentation 250 with carbohydrates because one wants the peptides in the powder to supply the muscles, and not be used as energy.  Remember, the body cares more about energy and survival than increasing muscle mass.  In fact, in survival mode, the body will reduce muscle mass to save energy.


Total Frag 250 should be used at least once a day, but preferably twice per day.

Can One Use Total Frag 250 besides around workouts?

Yes, a good idea would be to combine Total Frag 250 with Muscle Shake or Micellar Casein.

Pro Tips From Alex Rogers, President Of

  • Creapure will work unbelievably well with Total Frag 250.  Why?  Because hydrolyzed whey protein is insulinotropic.   The elevated insulin levels from training combined with Total Frag 250 will help the creatine absorption.
  • Try to add carbohydrates to Total Frag 250.  Nesquik is great to use, but one should try to add Oatmuscle or Mod6.  Then add the Creapure.   Keep in mind if you do not use enough Nesquik, the chocolate taste will not come through.  Try to use a 2 to 1 (carb to protein) ratio.  You may even go 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 depending on your goals.  Feel free to combine Oatmuscle with the Nesquik.  GREAT DRINK.



History of Hydrolyzed Whey Proteins

Hydrolyzed whey protein was first used in the sports nutrition industry over 30 years ago.  Food scientists knew that predigesting (hydrolyze) a protein powder will make it easier to digest and cause a rapid increase in amino acids in the body, which is vital for muscle recovery.  But the big problem with hydrolyzed whey protein powders is that they are only partially hydrolyzed.  They are NOT 100% hydrolyzed.

Meaning, that whey protein manufacturers can only pre digest their whey protein to a certain percentage.  Some lower quality hydrolyzed proteins are only 5% hydrolyzed!  This means if one consumes this powder, 95% of it is regular whey protein.  The whey protein manufacturers decide the percentage of which a whey protein will be hydrolyzed.  This means the true power of hydrolyzed whey protein never really came to fruition.  Why?  Because all hydrolyzed whey proteins up until now were only a maximum of about 30% hydrolyzed.  And quite frankly the only place one could find a 30% hydrolyzed protein for sure, was on  It is sold as Hydrolyzed Whey protein 520.  Up until now, Hydrolyzed 520, Peptopro, and Salmbolic 98, were the highest quality hydrolyzed proteins one could buy for sports nutrition use.   No other protein powders offered to consumers we hydrolyzed to a percentage that these three were.  Each is around 25%-30%.  But now, is introducing to the world, a new 100% hydrolyzed protein powder.

Additional Information

Made in Germany, using German engineering, Total Frag 250 represents a new leap forward in whey protein advancements.  Total Frag 250 is manufactured using a longer bio-fermentation process.  The process to make Total Frag 250 takes about 10 times longer than conventional hydrolyzed whey protein.  Total Frag 250 is truly a designer, custom protein powder.  One can consider Total Frag 250 similar to a microbrewery.  Total Frag 250 is made on a small production scale to ensure its quality and customization.

Below is an image of the bio-fermentation tank.  This is where the liquid whey is broken down into peptides.

Processing Steps:

1. Whey protein concentrate or Whey protein isolate is put into the fermentation tank.

2. Endo and Exo enzymes are added







Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the cows from that provide the milk to produce Total Frag 250?

All from South Germany and 7 Months outside grass feeding.

2. Please describe the bio-fermentation process briefly?

The whey protein is placed into tanks and different enzymes are added in high quantities to start the predigestion process.  After about 36 hours the fermentation process is completed and the liquid whey is spray dried into a powder.

100% hydrolyzed whey protein

Bio fermentation tanks holding the liquid whey protein located in Germany

3. You say other hydrolyzed proteins are only at most 28% hydrolyzed. You state your
hydrolyzed protein is 100% protein, how did you accomplish that?

The time the liquid whey is in the fermentation tank creates the 100% hydrolyzed whey protein plus the extra high amount of enzymes.

4. What is the average molecular weight of the protein?

The average is by our calculation, based on GPC Plus NPN-Analysis (non-protein-N) 333 Dalton or
0,333 kD.

The breakdown is as follows


<1% intact protein (regular whey protein)

5.  Can I drink Total Frag 250 by itself with water only?

Yes of course.  I would describe the flavor as a strong ricotta cheese flavor without a bitterness similar to all other hydrolyzed whey proteins.

6.  I know that soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin is used in regular whey protein concentrates and whey protein isolate to make them instantly mix with a spoon.  How come Total Frag 250 does not have any of the lecithins but still mixes with a spoon, and great I might add?

Total Frag 250 is 100% peptides so the powder is 200 times smaller than WPC / WPI powder and therefore easier to mix, and no lecithin is needed.

See image below

100 percent hydrolyzed whey protein powder

Always an emulsion. – So Aminos are still Aminos.

7.  Why does one consume protein?

Because without the amino acids found in the protein, the body cannot build muscle.  However, amino acids come from different sources of food.

Total Fragmentation (Frag) 250 is the world’s first 100% hydrolyzed whey protein powder.  Hydrolyzed whey protein has numerous benefits to athletes and bodybuilders.  One of the main benefits is a rapid increase of amino acids in the bloodstream which equates to a powerful anabolic effect.  The faster one can get amino acids into the bloodstream, the more anabolic that person will be.  Total Frag 250 maybe the most powerful anabolic protein in the world simply because it is the world’s ONLY 100% hydrolyzed whey protein.


Additional Information

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