Hydrolyzed Whey Protein 520

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Only for the super hard-core user. Hydrolyzed 520 is the highest quality pre-digested whey protein available today. Why? Because its average molecular weight is 520 daltons. This is the lowest in the world! Meaning the peptides are the smallest and thus the fastest digesting.

Product Description

Factual Evidence Our Hydrolyzed Whey Protein 520 Is The Best In Class


hydrolyzed whey protein powder

A hydrolyzed whey protein is partially digested to make them more accessible for human digestion. The protein molecules are split into smaller groups called peptides. The amino acids are called peptide bonded. Described as a highly purified protein enzymatically hydrolysated to form whey peptides. The benefits of whey protein isolate are combined with the hydrolysated whey peptides’ extremely solubility and nutrition benefits.

Hydrolyzed whey protein can be processed to different degrees of quality. ProteinFactory.com® offers various hydrolyzed proteins to choose from.

The hydrolyzed whey protein 520 possesses the highest AN/TN manufactured today. Thus the hydro 520 contains the greatest amount of peptides of any powder. The product also possesses the lowest molecular weight average of any protein, with a MW of 520 Daltons. The product is a fine cream powder. Taste is very bitter due to the high degree of hydrolysis.

Typical Analysis
Amino Nitrogen over Total Nitrogen 28 %
Molecular Weight average 520 daltons


Molecular Weight Distribution
Molecular Weight (Daltons) Percentage (%)
>20,000 9.5
5,000-20,000 6.6
1,000-5,000 12.9
<1,000 70.8


Athletic and Nutritional Information
The hydrolyzed whey protein 520 has the greatest potential to produce the best results for lean muscle mass. The small di and tri peptides produce the most dramatic pharmaceutical effects. The hydro 520 does not mix well with a spoon. A blender must be used for mixing. It has an extremely bad taste…One must NOT think that they can drink it straight. ProteinFactory.com® is the ONLY company to commercially market the Hydro 520 for anabolic use. The manufacturer of the Hydro 520 has confirmed this.

How to use the hydrolyzed whey protein 520 in your muscle-building arsenal.

If you want results from whey protein, if you are convinced, like we are, that whey peptides are absorbed much greater than regular whole food then you will try to fit the hydrolyzed 520 into your arsenal. The hydrolyzed 520 is one of the most unique whey proteins in the bodybuilding market. I say this because it is an extremely rare product. The larger nutrition companies are not going to use the hydro 520 because they sell to the mass market of bodybuilders. i.e. the general public who most of the time judges protein powders on taste only. How many times have you seen Designer Protein advertise how they won some gold medal taste award and how large manufacturers brag they win blind taste tests. Hydrolyzed 520 is a god awful tasting product. I remember my first experience with the “520” in that I dry heaved over my kitchen sink. I took a big gulp and “Blahhh”. I was like, “this is hydrolyzed whey protein.,how come this container on protein powder that claims to contain whey peptides tastes like a milk shake then”. I knew I had been had. Thus over the next few weeks I began to experiment with ways to drink some of the “520”. I found that by combining the 520 1 to 1 tablespoons with a regular whey protein I was able to tolerate the product.

Why is”520″ is so special?
Hydrolyzed 520 is an awesome product. Drinking the powder the peptides are actually by-passing the stomach and are being absorbed right through the small intestine and into the blood stream. Up to 80% of whey peptides can pass quickly through the stomach intact to be absorbed by the lower intestines. Small di-and tri-peptides are also absorbed faster than free-form amino acids. Regular whey protein has to be broken down into these peptides compared to the 520 which is already in a partial digestive state. What does this mean for muscle growth? The faster amino acids are absorbed, the faster protein synthesis can take place and an positive nitrogen state develops creating an anabolic condition.

How to use the 520
Buy the “520” and if you don’t have regular whey isolate or concentrate, get something like our CFM whey isolate or Heliogen Casein. Then add 1 to 2 tablespoons to your protein drink.

Tip:  Mix the hydro 520 with Peptopro

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