Salmobolic 98 ( 2lbs, 908 grams)

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  • 100% pure hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate
  • Certified sustainable by Friends of the Sea
  • Average molecular weight of 800 daltons
  • Highly anabolic protein powder
  • No flavor, No Sweetener, Plain
  • Mixes with a spoon
  • Made in Norway



Product Description

Salmobolic is a new high tech hydrolyzed protein powder from salmon.  The experimental research studies show that Salmonbolic 98 can potentially be more anabolic than whey protein due to its rapid absorption of the protein powder.

If you are looking for something that can help you trigger new muscle growth, Salmobolic 98 is the answer.

Listen to my podcast with the Chief Scientific Officer Of the Manufacturers of the Salmon Protein Hydrolysate and


How To Use:

Take 1/3 cup of Salmobolic 98 anytime during the day or immediately post workout.


Post Workout Protein Stack

2 tbs of Peptopro

2 tbs of Salmobolic 98

Protein Stack

1 tbs of Salmobolic 98

1 tbs of Bio Serum

1 tbs of Micellar Casein

1 tbs of whey isolate

Creatine Stack

2 tbs of Salmobolic 98

1 tsp of creapure

Liquid:  Gatorade, Grape Juice, Blended veggies or fruit


Could This Be The Top Rated Protein Powder Of All Time?

The New Super Protein | Hydrolyzed Salmon Protein Isolate

To create the unique attributes of the hydrolyzed salmon protein the manufacturer has developed a proprietary enzymatic extraction technology, which solubilizes the flesh and allows full separation of the raw material at very low temperatures thus avoiding oxidation and separates all the fat from the protein into our oil ingredient. Hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate is highly soluble in water due to its low peptide molecular weight. This also gives the protein the fastest uptake of nitrogen compared to any protein, with more than 98 % digestibility. With its very low fat and ash content, Salmobolic 98 delivers pure peptides like no other protein on the market. Certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea.

hydrolyzed salmon protein powder

Salmonbolic 98 is a hydrolyzed salmon protein powder. It is the perfect protein powder for post workout recovery because it contains di and tri peptides. Unlike whey protein concentrate or whey protein isolate that contains intact proteins. You would use this protein as an alternative source of protein as opposed to using whey egg, milk, or vegan protein powders if you’re allergic to dairy or egg this is a great choice. It is also a better choice over beef protein. #fishproteinpowder #proteinfactory #hydrolyzedprotein

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Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs