New Podcast On The Best Proteins In The World For 2019.

I just published a podcast on the best protein powders in the world. I made this podcast because there is so much misinformation on Youtube on what the best protein powders are. And let me be 100% clear with you.


I don’t care where you look, what any supplement company owner claims, what any so-called Youtuber claims, the has the best protein powders. Until someone or some company comes out with a protein powder that is less denatured and is more “usable” by the body, or in essence, builds muscle better, than is #1. The closest powder to beating what I sell is the fertile egg yolk powder. And I only say this because of the way it is processed. The fertile egg yolk powder is processed using high-pressure pasteurization which does not denature the powder whatsoever. That is why the follistatin is still in the powder. If one were to take the fertile egg yolk powder and heat pasteurize it, no more follistatin. What would be interesting is if Myos Rens (the company that makes fertile egg yolk powder, applied that application to egg white protein or even whey protein. Then they would have to test it using the DIAA method. Don’t hold your breath on a whey protein made using high-pressure pasteurization instead of heat, never going to happen.

I do know of one company that is trying to make whey protein differently, but the FDA is putting a stop to his plans.

You can listen to it on something like iTunes or Spotify or…..

best protein powders for 2019

Top 10 Protein Powders For 2019

10. Micro/Ultra Whey Isolate

9. Ion exchange whey isolate

8. Native whey isolate

7. Native whey protein blend (Muscle Shake)

6. Bovine Plasma Serum Protein (Trying to get in)

5. Bovine Hemoglobulin Protein (Tryig to get in)

4. Silk Cocoon

The rest you can have a toss up

3. Hydrolyzed Salmon (Salmobolic 98)

2. Hydrolyzed Casein (Peptopro)

1.Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate (Our 520)

UPDATED: For 2021.

A good customer asked me to update this list. Vegan proteins like lentein, rice, pea, etc definitely do not make the top 10 list. Egg white would come in at number 11.

10. Ion exchange whey isolate

9. Native whey isolate or concentrate.

8. Native whey protein blend (Muscle Shake)

7. Silk Cocoon

6. Bovine Plasma Serum Protein (Should be here Sept/Oct 2021)

5. Bovine Hemoglobulin Protein (Should be here Sept/Oct 2021)

The rest you can have a toss up….

4. Hydrolyzed Salmon (Salmobolic 98)

3. Hydrolyzed Casein (Peptopro)

2. Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate (Our 520)

  1. Total Frag 250

Some that could be in my list.

Advanced BCAA, Leucine Peptides, Lentein, and Hydrolyzed Egg White

I have been selling protein powder for 20 years now. I have literally searched the world for all different proteins. I’m on the cutting edge of technology in the protein industry. Trust me when I tell you this, that one cannot put together a higher quality, more effective protein powder than you can at

However, the problem in the protein industry is that you have self-proclaimed experts making informative videos that are completely idiotic.

For example, this Youtube video below in which this person titled it the Ultimate Protein Science Guide stated the following:

Each one of these is inaccurate, misleading, or a flat out lie. He recommends a combination of pea protein isolate and hemp protein. I’m sorry but that’s a joke. He loses all credibility with me.

Whey Protein Concentrate is Garbage.

I mean seriously, whey protein concentrate garbage? What a joke! He then goes onto recommend whey protein isolate. I guess he does not know that there is no difference whatsoever between the quality of the protein between the two. Just because whey isolate does not have lactose does not mean it is going to be a more effective muscle building/recovery protein.

Casein protein is dirty protein and hard to digest

Talk about a dumb statement. I have to shake my head because he never mentions the scientific method for analyzing protein quality which is the DIAA. Milk protein concentrate and isolate have now been determined to be one of the top quality proteins. Milk protein is made up of casein protein! This Youtuber clearly has no idea what he is talking about!

Rice Protein is an incomplete protein

He states around the 12.24 mark that rice protein is an incomplete protein. If I was a rice protein manufacturer I’d sue him.

Heres a study proving rice protein concentrate is a complete protein.

Hydrolyzed Collagen is good for recovery

Now hydrolyzed collagen is an incomplete protein, which this person fails to mention. Then he goes on to recommend it for recovery. Totally dumb in my opinion.

He then goes onto recommend a vegan protein powder with pea protein and hemp.

Hemp protein powder sucks. You’ll notice that nobody on the face of the Earth knows is Digestible Indespensible Amino Acid score, which is the most up to date scientific way to judge the quality of a protein source.

In conclusion, never listen to any of these people on Youtube claiming they are experts and they tell you which proteins are the highest quality. I have yet to see one of them mention the DIAA, which is the true scientific way to judge protein quality. These guys know how to talk a lot of mumbo scientific poppycock, but most of them are full of it. Not only that but most have an agenda to make money. This guy above probably is making money by recommending the vegan protein he recommends. 99% of the other people on Youtube recommending the best proteins simply recommend microfiltration whey isolate. Most believe it or not recommend Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard, which is just a whey concentrate from cheese!!