CFM Whey Protein Isolate 2lbs


One of the world’s highest quality whey protein isolate, CFM Whey Isolate is the cleanest form of whey protein.

CFM is now soy lecithin FREE!  The flavor has changed somewhat.


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Product Description


CFM Whey Isolate is the cleanest form of whey protein. Isolation of the whey, using cross-flow microfiltration is the next processing step after concentration. This yields a higher protein per serving ratio than whey protein concentrate. Whey isolates yield over 90 grams of protein per 100 grams of whey.

Benefits of CFM Whey Protein Isolate:

  • Virtually fat & lactose free
  • Higher amount of BCAA’s – half of which comes from the essential amino acids
  • Extremely digestible
  • Great Taste & Mixability
  • Possesses more Calcium & less sodium than other Whey Isolates
  • Users report no experience with digestive problems

Whey protein isolate can be manufactured using different methods.® carries various types of whey isolate proteins. Thus we feel the need to inform our customers of each different method. Cross-Flow Microfiltration is a natural, high tech manufacturing process that uses ceramic filters to remove the fat, lactose, and other unwanted materials, hence isolating the protein. The protein is NOT subjected to chemicals, therefore the protein is left unharmed and in its original state. This leads to added benefits over ion-exchange whey isolate, here are a few…

CFM Whey Protein Advantages as Compared to Ion-Exchange Whey Isolate
1. Cross-flow microfiltration possesses more calcium and less sodium than ion-exchange.

Note: Glanbia Data
2. Cross-Flow Microfiltration Protein contains different proteins that add to its appeal which ion-exchange does not posses. These proteins are important in the immune system and maintaining biological activity of some proteins. Thus athletes with a risk of over training or intense training bodybuilders would benefit from CFM Whey Isolate.

Alpha-Lactabumin found naturally in CFM Whey Protein helps in the process of digesting minerals and enhancing the immune system.

Glycomacropeptides, naturally found in CFM Whey Protein enhances the immune system by viruses binding to the whey protein instead of the intestinal tract, thus less the chance of becoming infected.

WARNING! Some nutrition companies try to use the words cross-flow microfiltration in their list of ingredients when actually they’re using none at all. Cross-flow microfiltration whey isolate is trademarked by Glanbia. The label must possess the trademarked symbol.

Athletic and Nutritional Information
The ideal source of whey protein for weight training athletes. Users reported no experience with digestive problems such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea as commonly associated with whey protein concentrate. Users also reported higher lean muscle gains with whey isolate over concentrate due to it’s higher P.E.R. value. This means, more weight is gained from every gram of whey isolate taken. Although twice as expensive as whey concentrate, the benefits outweigh the price. If one wants protein and not fat and carbohydrates, then choose whey isolate.

CFM Whey Protein should be consumed by recreational bodybuilders, amateur athletes, and professional bodybuilders. Great for bodybuilders and consumers who are lactose intolerant.

Many companies claim to use whey isolate but do not. Remember, isolated whey protein costs twice as much to manufacture therefore their profit margin would be drastically reduced, which is why there are so many whey concentrates on the market and whey complexes (combinations of WPC & WPI). Look at the nutritional facts, if the label reads 2 or more carbohydrates it usually is a concentrate or contains it. Once again beware of proprietary information.

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