7 Unheard Of Things That Will Change The Way You Buy Your Whey Protein

Our Native Whey Protein Isolate is coming back in stock next week, and I couldn’t be more excited.  We have been out of stock of this protein for a few months now.  The pain is now over and per FDA regulations, once the Native Whey Protein Isolate clears lab tests we are releasing it for sale to the public.

Many of our customers have been patiently waiting for this protein to return.  Why?  Because it is a very rare, unique, and useful protein powder.  If you are looking for the so-called “BEST” whey protein on the market, this is it.  Native Whey Protein is a better protein than regular whey protein.  Let me give you seven reasons why.

  1.  Native Whey Protein Isolate comes from milk, not cheese.  [clickToTweet tweet=”When whey protein comes from milk instead of cheese, it means it has only been pasteurized one time instead of two.” quote=”When whey protein comes from milk instead of cheese, it means it has only been pasteurized one time instead of two.”]


2.   When you buy a whey protein directly from milk, the taste is much better.  Native protein will be a much whiter, and cleaner tasting protein.


3.  Native whey protein isolate will have more immunoglobulins.  We have tested this ourselves and have proven that native whey has much more IGG than regular whey protein.


4.  High-quality fresh milk is the only ingredient used to produce native whey protein isolate.   This is accomplished by carefully selecting the farmers who follow the best farming practices and securing the best milk available. These farmers are also committed to avoiding the use of hormones (rBST free).  I’m sure you’ve heard this B.S. before.  So many companies claim to use grass-fed whey protein.  But let me give you a little tip.  ONLY whey protein from France, New Zealand, & Austrailia is grass fed and hormone free.  Possibly England as well.  But if you’re whey protein is coming from the U.S. and is not certified organic, it is coming from caged up cows.

5.  Whey protein from cheese has about 15% LESS leucine than Native whey protein

[clickToTweet tweet=”Whey protein from cheese has about 15% LESS leucine than Native whey protein. ” quote=”Whey protein from cheese has about 15% less Leucine!! OMG! Yes, it is true. Native whey protein has more of this crucial amino acid”] Leucine is the major player in protein synthesis, i. e. the creation of new muscle.  Pretty crazy if you think about how many companies claim their whey protein is the best.  Meanwhile native whey protein has 15% more naturally occurring leucine.


6.  Native protein is more absorbable than whey protein from cheese.

  • Native whey protein is better absorbed by the intestine and made more available to muscle tissue when compared to traditional WPI. The perfect protein structure of native whey delivers better protein absorption properties for your body than a traditional WPI formulated with supplementary amino acids which are quickly oxidized and eliminated.

7.  Native Whey Protein has more research behind it than whey protein from cheese.

  • Natives whey provides early muscle power recovery after training. Only 30 minutes are needed to recover your muscle power before training vs 48 hours muscle power recovery with WPI supplementation.
  • Native Whey Protein helps increase sprint speed vs WPI. The sprint speed can be increased by 4.5% which could be extrapolated to a 0.5 seconds gain over 100m distance.
  • Native Whey Proteni increases the ability to fully activate high quality muscle fibers vs WPI. Overall, Pronativ® optimizes muscle potential power output after training

Native Whey Protein Isolate

In conclusion, it is clear that native whey protein isolate is the best type of whey protein you can buy.  When my customers want the BEST whey protein this is what I tell them to get.  If you are a beginner and just starting out with whey protein and/or don’t have the budget to afford native whey, then get my CFM whey isolate or Molkegan whey isolate.  But if you want the best this is it.

Keep in mind that I imported this from Europe.  That is what took so damn long to get in.  If you like this stuff I would suggest stocking up.  I cannot predict shortages, import problems, shipping delays, and other things that held us up so long.  This is the ONLY place I will buy my native whey protein from (Europe).  They are the highest quality whey producers in the world, and I refuse to settle for anything less.  So stock up!!