This Is Going To Freak You Out About Whey Protein

I recently discovered something (courtesy of Anthony Roberts)

6 major supplement companies FAIL ad claims for their whey protein's BCAA content according to University AbstractClick To Tweet

And BELOW IS THE REASON WHY!  SEE!  I’m not kidding!  If you want high-quality protein SUPPLEMENTS, buy mine!  Period, I have the best! I have made a quick chart so you can see the steps that we here at take to deliver you high-quality protein.  95% of the supplement companies out there do not do this.  Most just order up some protein and sell it to you without doing ANY testing.  (see my infographic below).  Remember don’t let supplement companies lie to you claiming things like below.  Here are some things what to look for in protein.

  1.  We don’t need to register with the FDA
  2. We don’t need to do any testing, our contract packager does it
  3. Our products are made in an FDA certified lab
  4. We have the C of A for our products from the whey protein manufacturer, thus we don’t need a 3rd party lab analysis.

These are all common lies that supplement companies will tell you so they can avoid the tests.  Tests are expensive, tests are time-consuming, tests take qualified employees. 

Stop trusting and start asking for proof, these supplement companies are nothing but liars.Click To Tweet

stockton BCAA supplement study

What to look for in protein powder.

how protein should be made

how protein should be made

You can always make it easy on yourelf and just get our whey isolate.