Could This Be The Top Rated Protein Powder Of All Time?

Many websites and self-proclaimed nutrition experts will give you their opinion of what they feel is the top rated protein powder.  But most of them are just trying to sell you something that they are making money on.  Not here, this is the best website to get information on protein powders and now I’m going to give you some information you’ll never see on other supplement websites.

Funny how things go, but I posted my review of fish oil supplements yesterday, and that triggered something in my brain about fish protein powder.  I actually got the idea from a good customer, Chris, if you’re reading this thank you, because he asked me a question about fish protein powder today.  I immediately thought about the time a few years ago I sold a hydrolyzed fish protein powder, which to be exact was a salmon protein.  This salmon protein powder was rough to drink.  Really rough.  No exaggeration but it tasted like you were drinking fish..surprise surprise!!  In addition, it reminded me of seafood flavored cat food.  To make matters worse it was hydrolyzed.  Which means on top of the strong fish taste, it was extremely bitter.  But nonetheless, it was such a high-quality protein powder that I decided to try to sell it.  I did not sell the hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate powder by itself.  I sold it as a post-workout supplement.  I had to do this because I felt no way is someone going to be able to drink this by itself.  So I combined it with dextrose and flavoring, pineapple to be exact because the pineapple flavoring did the best to minimize the bitterness fishy taste.  I did sell a bunch of it, not a lot but enough so I did get some feedback from it.  The feedback that I received from one customer really stuck with me, and that is why I am writing this blog post today.  He said, “Alex, whatever happened to that post-workout powder that was god awful tasting, but worked like nothing I have ever used before”.  “Alex, I have never had something work like that before!”  I was kinda taken back by it because I could tell is this customers voice that he was dead serious.  This customer specifically called me and wanted to use this fish powder post workout formula I created, even though it was horrible tasting, he still wanted it because it worked so well for him.  I told him I discontinued it because of a few reasons.  And believe it or not, the MAIN reason I had to discontinue it was because of the FDA.  You see at the time I was making custom protein powders and the FDA was riding my ass like you wouldn’t believe.  And being that the FDA was on me like white on rice, I could not bring another allergen into the Proteinfactory facility.  This would have been a freaking NIGHTMARE.  All new standards and operations would have needed to have been created all for a protein powder that I did not know if anyone was even going to buy.  So I quickly discontinued it to please the FDA.  I was disappointed because this really was an awesome, high-quality protein powder.  Well, let me rephrase that because hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate powder is could actually BETTER than hydrolyzed whey protein powder.  I would not simply offer this protein powder because it was different.  For example, that’s why I don’t sell hemp protein powder.  Look great on paper, but the biological value of hemp is very, very low.  Notice you’ve never seen tests run on hemp protein powder to test its biological value…   I decided to sell hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate because it could very well be one of the highest quality hydrolyzed protein powders in existence.

This next paragraph make sure you know about hydrolyzed protein powders and what makes one better than the next, because if you don’t you won’t know what I’m talking about.  If you need a refresher on hydrolyzed protein powders read this article:

Incredible Hydrolyzed Proteins For Muscle Growth

Is Salmon Protein Powder The Top Rated Protein Powder?

A study was conducted on hydrolyzed protein powders.  This study was conducted to compare the quality of hydrolyzed salmon protein vs hydrolyzed whey protein (low molecular weight), hydrolyzed whey protein (high molecular weight) and regular whey protein isolate.  The study concluded the hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate provided more bioavailable nitrogen over hydrolyzed whey protein!  [clickToTweet tweet=”The study concluded the hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate provided more bioavailable nitrogen over hydrolyzed whey protein!” quote=”The study concluded the hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate provided more bioavailable nitrogen over hydrolyzed whey protein!”]

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In layman’s terms,  hydrolyzed salmon protein powder is better than hydrolyzed whey protein powder as far as the body getting the nitrogen out of the protein source which results in a greater increase in protein synthesis.  For all you non hydrolyzed protein users, that bitch about taste…well take a look at hydrolyzed whey protein and hydrolyzed salmon protein compared to plain old whey protein isolate…not even close…hydrolyzed protein powders are superior in terms of bioavailable nitrogen.  An increase in positive nitrogen means an increase in muscle protein synthesis.  This is serious data without a doubt.  I mean wouldn’t you think this would be serious news in the supplement community?  I would, here you have a study dethroning the king of sports nutrition protein powders!!  Remember people the whole reason to eat or drink protein is to refuel your body with amino acids which in turn put the body in a positive nitrogen state.  The higher quality protein you use, like whey and egg, the more nitrogen you get out of the protein.  Why do you think whey protein is so popular?  Because it works so well at building muscle because the bioavailable nitrogen is so accessible to the body.  The body LOVES whey protein.  It loves egg white protein and casein as well.  Plant proteins, not as much as whey and egg, thus less chance that plant proteins will build muscle as good as whey and egg.  Now here you have hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate that has just been proven to be higher quality than hydrolyzed whey protein!

This could explain why the customer that called me and said this powder works incredibly.  Additionally, I combined it with dextrose, which when combined with the hydrolyzed salmon protein powder, jacked his insulin, which in turn flooded his muscles with amino acids.  You should know that combining high GI carbs and hydrolyzed protein powders make a super anabolic shake.  This combination that I created might have been just the most powerful I have ever created!  Wonder what would have happened if I added creatine to it, or even combined it with Peptopro?  Makes you think huh?  Before you ask, I do have some ideas to bring this back.  I made look into bringing it in in pill form.  Maybe you’d need to swallow 8 tablets or something like that..not sure but be on the lookout.

Here is the study comparing hydrolyzed salmon protein to the whey proteins.