Mega Whey Protein 10lbs Plain


Mega Whey is a high quality whey protein powder because it is tested for strength, composition, and purity.  And most importantly is tested by a 3rd party laboratory to guarantee protein quality.  Proving quality via LAB TESTS!, not marketing hype!

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Product Description

Mega Whey is a great choice for a quality protein powder that is superb and the protein content is validated by a 3rd party lab analysis.  Mega Whey is one of the only whey protein powders that has over 5 lab tests to guarantee the quality of the protein.  With the most recent rash of company’s protein spiking it is becoming more and more clear that you MUST see the 3rd party lab analysis when buying a protein powder.  If you have not read or heard about “protein spiking” I highly recommend you read our blog post. This is our demonstration of our number one selling weigh protein powder. Mega weigh 10 pounds. It is 80% protein contains very little fat and lactose. It will provide 30 g of protein per serving or 60 g of protein per serving. It is a instantized. And mix is with a spoon. #tiktokshopblackfriday ♬ original sound – Protein Factory


Secondly Mega Whey contains no soy lecithin.  Many discount whey proteins powders have a hidden ingredient to help the protein powder mix with a spoon called “soy lecithin”  Soy lecithin contains estrogenic-like compounds.  Men and woman should not have any estrogenic-like compounds in their diet.  Mega whey does not contain soy lecithin.

  • 3rd party lab tested to ensure true to label claim and safety
  • No soy lecithin

When it comes to buying cheap protein powder, one has to be very careful before they make a purchase.  Here are some things you need to consider when buying protein powder.

  1.  Price.  Whey protein is a commodity.  Which means the price is a global price.  As of today October 18th, 2023, the average price for whey protein concentrate 80% instantized is around $3.50 per pound.  The average price for whey isolate instantized per pound is around $6.00 per pound.  That is just the cost of the powder itself.  You still have manufacturing costs, packaging costs, labeling costs, flavoring costs, and shipping costs.  Therefore if you see a 5 lbs of whey concentrate,  for around $25.00, you know that something is wrong with it.  Most likely it is protein spiked or made to have a very low protein than is what is written on the label.
  2. Check for protein spiking.  Protein spiking is very common in cheap protein powders.  Look for amino acids like glycine, taurine, and the supplement creatine.
  3. Look for proteins like milk protein concentrate, and calcium caseinate.  Typically these proteins will be used because they are cheaper cost than whey protein concentrate.  They will be blended into whey protein to lower the post.

For more info on why you should not buy cheap whey protein click here.