Whey Protein For Virgins, Oh No You Didn’t? Yes We Did!

If you have never used protein before then I consider you a protein virgin.  If you have ever asked the question, “What kind of protein should I use?”.  Then you are a protein virgin.  I’m approached by protein virgins all the time that ask me to de-virginize them, so I decided to write a quick article on how to pop your protein cherry.

Believe it or not protein is very similar to sex? Yes it is true...just read on and you'll see what I mean. Click To TweetBelieve it or not protein is very similar to sex?  Yes it is true…just read on and you’ll see what I mean.

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Mr. Rogers (that’s me), “What kind of protein should I get?”, says the little protein virgin.

Answer:  I would start with something that tastes good, because nothing is worse.  It’ll ruin you for the rest of your life…you’ll be scarred. If you’re just starting out you are going to want something that tastes good.  I would go with our Muscle Shake or our Molkegan Whey isolate.

Mr. Rogers, “How much does it cost, it is expensive?”.

Answer: Well just like anything else, you get what you pay for.  If you want to get hot chicks you need money.  Classic example.

So if you want the good stuff then you buy Muscle Shake or Molkegan Whey Isolate.  If you want something a little more affordable then you go with our Mega Whey Protein.

Mr. Rogers, “How much do I use?”, say the Protein Virgin.

Answer: Well just like sex you don’t want to have it too much.  Especially with different people…that’ll lead to all sorts of problems.  So just like sex you don’t want to use too much of it or use too many different kinds.  For example, too much protein in your cabinet will get expensive.  Too much protein and you’re not teaching yourself how to eat right.  Too much low quality protein, you’ll have digestive problems.  Too much low quality sex and you’ll think sex sucks, when really performed correctly, it is a BLAST! See the correlation? My Second example, if you flip flop back and forth between brands of protein that means you’re really not getting a good quality protein. Because good quality proteins will give you good results.  That is why I have so many returning customers after 17 years in the business of selling protein.  My protein gets people results.

Yes, protein & sex do have a lot in common.  But with the right expertise & guidance you can become a protein expert just like me….and no, I’m not claiming I’m a sex expert.  But these two people are