Protein Pudding Pie Dessert Recipe

Ok this has to be one of the best protein recipes EVER!!  So good!


Here is a delicious protein pudding pie recipe brought to you by

You’ll need to use Mega Whey from

Protein Chocolate Pudding Pie Recipe:

Pie Crust:
8 Chocolate Graham Crackers
¼ c. Truvia
2 T. Coconut Oil
2 T. Water
Protein Pudding:
2 Boxes Sugar Free Jello Pudding Mix-Fugde
1 c. Protein Factory Mega Whey-Chocolate
2 c. Milk
1c. Coconut Milk
Protein Whipped Cream Topping:
2 c. Heavy Cream
1 c. Protein Factory Mega Whey-Vanilla
½ c. Truvia
3 T. Vanilla
¼ c. Ground Dark Chocolate Chips (if desired)

1. Place graham crackers in a zip-lock bag. Pound until crushed well.
2. Pour crushed graham crackers in bowl; add Truvia, coconut oil and water. Stir till all ingredients are mixed well. Set aside.
3. In a large bowl add milk, coconut milk, protein powder and jello pudding mix.
4. Mix with electric mixer until pudding is thick, put in refrigerator until ready to use.
5. In another large bowl add heavy cream, vanilla and Truvia.
6. Mix with an electric mixer on high until firm peeks form.
7. Mix in protein powder.
8. In either a pie plate or a cup, layer pie crust, pudding and whipped topping.
9. Sprinkle with ground dark chocolate chips if desired, I can’t resist some extra chocolate crunch!

Nutritional Information:
Recipe makes 8 servings
Per Serving:
Calories: 284
Protein: 27g
Fat: 13g
Carbs: 16g