How To Stack Our #1 Sellling Protein To Maximize Muscle Growth

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Hopefully yesterday I convinced you that [clickToTweet tweet=”Peptides are better than free form amino acids.” quote=”Peptides are better than free form amino acids.”] I gave a bunch of reasons why.  Today I want to talk about how to use my protein peptides to increase muscle mass. sells a few of different peptide proteins.

I like to call these true protein supplements because you cannot find these in typical foods you’d fine in the grocery store.  And you won’t find these in any wussy ass mass market supplement stores either.  Why?  Price and taste.  These proteins are expensive and the greedy supplement stores want to make at least 60% or they aren’t selling it.  That’s why protein from retail stores sucks ass and is filled with spiked protein.

My peptide products are very complex and there is a lot of science behind them as far as manufacturing goes, molecular weights, and research.  But I’m not going to try to convince you in this article about how awesome these products are and how the quality beats out regular whey protein powders.  If you need to learn about them please visit the respective pages on my site.   What I want to talk about now is how to stack these for maximum muscle benefits.

  • Peptopro: our most popular peptide protein.  Contains about 5 grams of BCAA peptides per serving.  It’s the fastest digesting protein on the planet
  • Hydrolyed 520: A hardcore protein.  It’s the fastest digesting whey protein on the planet.
  • Leucine Peptides: My second favorite peptide protein.  Great to use with whey protein
  • Advanced BCAA’s: Could be the most potent whey protein on the market
  • Muscle Shake: The worlds only New Zealand beef peptide protein.

Ahh some many proteins….what to do..what to do?  Talk about a bad ass line up.

For the quickest gains man or woman.

In a shaker up.  12 oz of water.  After shaken up add to blended up spinach, kale, beets or another source of greens 10 oz of water.  Total solution should be about 20 oz.  Drink twice a day minimum.

1 tbs of Peptopro

1 tbs of Advanced BCAA’s

2 scoops of Muscle Shake

For a BCAA replacer.

Ok many people out there use BCAA’s which are made up of free form amino acids.  Now is the time to change that.  You want to use our Advanced BCAA peptides.  I love the product for a bunch of reasons.

  • Well first off you’re getting 5 grams of BCAA in peptide form.
  • This product is hydrolyzed whey isolate. Which means a few thing
    1. The bioavailablity is immense because it comes from whey
    2. Technically you can use the product like you would a whey protein and you’d see much better results. Why?  Because its 50% BCAA, which is 20% more than regular whey protein and secondly and obviously it is in peptide form.  It is like whey protein on steroids.
  • How to use it. Its not the easiest to use.  I would take something like our Muscle Shake, Mega Whey, or Molkegan whey isolate and use either a 3 to 1 ratio (protein to Advanced BCAA) or a 2 to 1 ratio.

For weight loss and cutting.

  • Get our Heliogen Casein and use ¼ cup and then add 2 tbs of Advanced BCAA powder. Use a shaker cup.  Use three times a day, especially at night.

For the ladies

Muscle Shake Chocolate, 2 scoops and 1tsp of Advanced BCAA’s.   Mix with water.

For an anabolic pre workout

Not this is one bad ass anabolic cocktail.  You’ll get a nice anabolic insulin spike and you’ll have aminos pumping to the muscle.  Drink pre workout. This is 1000X better than any preworkout available today.

24 oz of fierce grape Gatorade

2 to 3 tbs of new Peptopro grape

1 tsp of creapure

1 tbs of Advanced BCAA’s