Despite the fact that, lately, express diets have given way to healthy and rational nutrition, this question does not leave the top search engine pages. What does this mean? It means that girls still dream of losing weight quickly, visibly and, preferably, without physical, financial, and emotional costs. 

On the other hand, even desperate weight loss fans are well aware that choosing radical weight loss systems expose the body to serious stress, and as a result, even if the desired result is reached, those lost pounds will return as quickly as they disappeared. We decided to find out once and for all whether it is possible to lose weight fast and without harm to health, what you need to do for this, and how long the diet campaign will take. 

How to lose weight correctly 

Experts recommend that you lose about 1-2 pounds per week, as this speed is considered to be the healthiest. Too rapid weight loss can lead to serious side effects, including gallstones, digestive disorders, and even psychological problems. In addition, most people find it difficult to maintain weight if they lose more than 4 pounds per week. 

Magic diets and methods of express weight loss, of course, will help you get rid of extra pounds in a short time. However, in these cases, whole categories of nutrients are not allowed to be consumed, and, sometimes, food in general (in the case of starvation). Remember that this behavior invariably slows down the metabolism, so next time you decide to get rid of a couple of extra pounds, it will be twice as difficult to do so. 

Another important point is that rapid weight loss in the majority of cases occurs because you lose a lot of water and muscle tissue, and not fat at all. While a gradual approach to weight loss helps to stimulate the thinning of the fat layer. Be sure to visit for all the health-related news! 

How long does it take to lose weight? 

Experts remind that the more weight you have, the faster you will lose it. In other words, if the extra weight is quite obvious, then you can get rid of 10-15 pounds in three weeks or even less (if you add the right diet and regular physical exercises to the calorie restriction). On the other hand, if you have almost no excess weight, but you still strive for the ideal figure on the scales, the process may take a little more time than you would like. 

Always consider the factors that affect weight loss in the long run. So, if you have a sedentary job, then, quite possibly, you will have to further reduce the calorie intake in order to achieve the result. At the same time, the closer you get to the desired point, the harder it will be to lose weight: experts call it a “plateau effect” and advise coping with it using “boot days” when you are allowed to consume your favorite sweets and even fast food (but, of course, in limited quantities). 

So, how long will it take you to lose, let’s say, 20 pounds? With all the necessary conditions, including a healthy diet, it will take you from three to five months. But if you consider that as a result, the weight will not return rapidly; it is definitely worth it. 

What are fat burning supplements? 

These are products that fall into the category of sports nutrition and are aimed at the destruction of body fat. The purpose of their consumption is the development of muscle relief. After these additives enter the body, the following processes occur – lipid production in body tissues is blocked, their absorption rate decreases, metabolism is stimulated, and the process of burning fat and its conversion into free energy, which is subsequently used in training, is accelerated. Fat burners that suppress appetite and simplify the process of passing the diet are increasingly being released. 

When using them, it is possible to quickly achieve results and solve the issue of losing weight. But that is not all. The results must be kept and stabilized. This will require some cardiovascular load, the volume of which is directly dependent on the physique and the rate of metabolic processes. 

So, in short, they are very useful but use them cautiously and carefully. 

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