Unusual Anti-catabolic Agent For Muscle Growth & Health

Capsicum extract or Capsimax can be used to help burn more body fat.  It is the best “fat burner” on the market.  When you use it you burn more calories than you normally would, that’s a fact.  However, research is proving that it can be used to help you build more muscle and increase strength.   You’ll see below that the information is compelling and well worth the try to use as a muscle building agent.

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Capsimax & Protein Is Anti-Catabolic

The first study I found was this one.  This study is the most intriguing because it came to the conclusion that combining capsicum extract with protein prevented a negative nitrogen balance.  Which means that if you take protein powder with Capsimax it will be anti-catabolic.  And if you have been reading more website’s blog posts for a while now, you’ll know that I typically state that catabolic hormones are much more powerful than anabolic hormones.  Think about it, how fast do you lose muscle mass as opposed to gaining it.  It might take you several months to build 4 lbs of muscle, but stop lifting, get sick or injured…how fast do you lose muscle mass?  Seems like days.  Combining Capsimax with protein powder should result in an anti-catabolic condition in the body.  A good regime would simply be taking 1 capsule of Capsimax post workout with your protein shake.

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Using Capsimax To Get Stronger

Next, this study was done that showed consumption of red peppers (which contain capsicum) increase strength.

capsimax capsules

Using Capsimax Can Increase Testosterone

This is a really interesting study showing how consuming the active ingredients in Capsimax (capsicum) can increase testosterone.  Surprisingly, I would have never thought this, but seems like it may have the potential to do so.  Totally worth a shot.

Use Capsimax To Help Kill Cancer Cells

I’m big on taking supplements to battle cancer.  Cancer is a huge health issue in the world and I believe everyone should take some sort of supplement to help support anti-cancer in the body.  Capsimax is one of them.

Researchers from the UK sound that capsaicin kills cancer cells.

Lead researcher Dr Timothy Bates said: “As these compounds attack the very heart of the tumour cells, we believe that we have in effect discovered a fundamental ‘Achilles heel’ for all cancers.

“The biochemistry of the mitochondria in cancer cells is very different from that in normal cells.

“This is an innate selective vulnerability of cancer cells.”

In conclusion, without question Capsimax is a great supplement to use for muscle building, leanness, and overall health.   You can get ONLY get it here found as a single ingredients

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