New Study On Eurycoma Longifolia & More

A couple of days ago I just published some new information on the LJ 100 and LJ 450. These are dietary supplements that I sell that help with testosterone levels. If you did not get a chance to see it, check it out here.

But then I recently found another study that came to this conclusion.

Here is a link to the study.

Why It Matters

Here’s the truth about testosterone supplements.

First and foremost, they do not replace anabolic steroids. Not even close. Anyone that tells you otherwise is full of donkey poo. However, there are ingredients, like this one, that is proven to boost testosterone levels. So what does that equate to? I think right off the bat one will feel a libido increase, after that more energy. Then possible after 6 to 8 weeks of usage a decrease in body fat. But what about the muscle you ask? That’s a far stretch. I think one of the biggest problems with testosterone supplements nowadays is the garbage that is plaguing the industry. Most of the testosterone boosters out there are nothing more than shit ingredients from China. I try to find the best ingredients on the planet and LJ 100 and LJ 450 I can guarantee you are the best on the planet. There is one more that I might bring in but for now, it’s the LJ 100 and LJ 450.

Now as far as muscle mass goes, check out this study I found.

A randomized study of 31 female subjects, aged between 45-59 years, who exercise with moderately intensive force for a period of 12 weeks using Tongkat Ali (Eurycomalongifolia extract 100mg, found:

  • Supplements add fat-free mass
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Improvement of the production of semen and sperm quality Improving body fitness
  • Safe

Sarina, M.Y (2009). Effects of strength training and Tongkat Ali (Eurycomalongifolia) supplementation on strength and muscle size in middle-aged women. 4th Asia-Pacific Conference

And then I also found this….

A pilot study on 14 male subjects who perform an intensive strength training program for 5 weeks using a water solution of 100mg extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack, found:

  • The significant increase in lean body mass
  • A significant reduction in body fat percentage
  • The increase in fat-free mass
  • The increase in muscle strength and size
  • Benefits of ergogenic

7. Hamzah, S. and Yusof, A. (2003). The ergogenic effects of Eurycoma longifolia Jack: A pilot study.. British Journal of Sports Medicine. Vol. 37:464-470. (007)

Compelling stuff to say the least. The case for using Long Jack is there without question. I think the argument NOT to use it would be that it does not work like anabolic steroids. Or if one has taken Long Jack they used a brand other than LJ 450 or LJ 100 and did not see a thing.

To Use or Not To Use

I would give it a shot if you were over 40-45 and wanted to feel younger. I think using these products for at least 8 weeks is a fair time to determine if you like it or not. I would not use if I was under 30 and had plenty of energy and sex drive. In addition, the LJ’s have other benefits as well, and one of my favorites is the cortisol reduction from overtraining. Remember to always combine The LJ’s with Unleashed. Unleashed helps one use more of what they have.