300 Grams Of Whey Protein Isolate Per Gallon!!

I’ve just created the world’s first!!! A gallon of liquid whey protein isolate that contains 300 grams of protein. I used a new form of whey protein isolate that I never “played” around with before. So I decided to see how many grams of protein I could fit into 1 gallon of water.

There are 128 ounces in a gallon.

That would equate to 2.34 grams of protein per ounce.

16 oz drink would provide about 35 grams of protein.

One would get 8 servings per gallon.

I could sell 5 lbs for $90.00.

If you put 350 grams of this whey isolate into 1 gallon of water, that would cost you about $16.00 per 300 grams protein per gallon drink.

$16 divided by 8 is $2.00 per, 35 gram whey isolate protein 16 oz drink.

@proteinfactory.com I created the world‘s first 300 g 1 gallon of protein drink. This is the kind of stuff I do at Proteinfactory this is the stuff that I love to do. This is so much fun for me. #proteinfactory #wheyisolate ♬ original sound – Protein Factory