New Study: Use This To Improve insulin resistance & glucose metabolism.

There are not a lot of good weight loss supplements on the market. Most of them are scams, like CLA, for example. However, I carry TWO backed up solidly by research that aids in fat loss. The first is Capsimax. The second is our new Caldrol 500. I started selling this a few months ago because of what an overall incredible product it is.

To further boost Caldrol 500’s claim to fame is a new study that just came out this month. Here is a link to the study. The researchers concluded that the Calanus oil had beneficial effects when consumed.

How Does This Help With Weight Loss?

First, insulin is the body’s #1 enemy when it comes to FAT. When one eats food, their insulin levels spike, this results in a condition in the body to signal a halt of fat loss. A rise in insulin signals the body to create more fat cells. It also prevents fat from being burned for energy. Significant improvements in insulin resistance were found in subjects that used the supplement. 

Next was the improvement of glucose metabolism. When subjects used the supplement, their bodies improved the digestion of carbohydrates.

Caldrol 500 is a legitimate fat loss supplement. For a more significant fat loss effect, I would stack Caldrol 500 with Capsimax and Oliginol.