Capsimax Fat Burner Getting Serious Upgrade!

I’m upgrading the Capsimax because I want it to work…PERIOD. I still feel that Capsimax is the BEST capsule for fat loss. There are no dietary supplements that one can use that produce significant weight loss results. Capsimax is the closest because when one uses it they burn more calories than they usually would. Therefore one’s cardio exercise because more effective.

Listen to me instead of reading!

So let me tell you why I’m upgrading my Capsimax.

It only contains 2mg of capsaicinoids. Now keep in mind this is MORE than I have ever seen being sold ANYWHERE. Most supplement companies will dust in about 0.50 mg and even less sometimes. This is a complete scam. Keep in mind, that my OLD Capsimax contained 2 mg of capsaicinoids, which is the correct dosage that I believed was the best at that time. That was even the recommended dosage by the manufacturer of Capsimax. However, most ALL other manufacturers only put in 0.50 mg!

After reviewing feedback from customers and, of course, using myself as a guinea pig, I feel this product is weak at the 2mg dose. Thus I went online and did some research and found this study on Capsimax.

The study concluded that the 2mg of Capsimax did diddle squat! The efficacious dosage is 4 mg! From what I could comprehend, 4 mg resulted in weight loss WITHOUT exercise.

capsimax supplement

So what did I do with my Capsimax? I increased the amount per capsule from 150mg to 315mg. I pretty much double the dose. Now one pill of my product contains 6.3 mg of capsaicinoids. That is 50% more than the study where they used 4 mg, and more than DOUBLE of what I used to sell. And triple and sometimes 8 X more of what is being sold on websites like Amazon.

I briefly looked and found TWO companies selling Capsimax online. One product had 100mg, and the other had 50 mg. Seriously, if these supplement companies would do this to the dosage, how can you trust them? 50mg. Are you joking?

How To Use: Take one capsule pre-workout. Enjoy!

The product will be available next week.