Craziest Pump Of Your Life

Check out this text message from a customer the other day.  He combines Tectanic Red, Native Whey, and Peptopro pre-workout and said its the best pump in his life.  Then he begged me to never stop selling it!

Why Did “Crazy Pump” Happen?

Well, I can tell you right now, it’s not from L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, or any other garbage supplement 99% of the “other” supplement companies are using. It’s for 1 reason and 1 reason only. This person used product that actually works and is the most cutting edge.

The insulinotropic effect of Peptopro

Because of #1 Peptopro.  Peptopro MATHEMATICALLY and FACTUALLY is the lowest molecular weight protein on the market.  It’s 10X better than free form amino acids which have never been proven work. Free form amino acids are so outdated it is not even funny. I cringe when I people tell me that they use them. Peptopro, which is a hydrolyzed protein, is mostly di and tripeptides, therefore when consumed those amino acids are RUSHING into the bloodstream. Peptopro has an insulinotropic effect. Insulin is one of the most anabolic hormones in the body. When Peptopro is consumed this insulin effect is elevated. Peptopro I believe increases anabolism better than most protein powders…that is why I sell so much of the stuff.

Peptopro (Not sold in GNC..Hmmmm wonder why?)

Nitric Oxide Pump From Inorganic Nitrates

Next, this person consumed Tectanic Red. Tectanic Red is, in my opinion, the most powerful “pump” product on the market. Show me another product that rocks the number of inorganic nitrates that Tectanic Red does. You’re not going to find it. Inorganic nitrates are responsible for this customers pump. I’m glad he took my advice by taking it 2 hours pre workout because that is how long it takes this product to start working.

beet root powder
Best Pump Product You’ll Ever Use

High DIAA From the Native Whey

This customer then added the native whey, which, even though it has not yet been proven yet, is assimilated and digested better than whey protein from cheese. Meaning I think it will have a higher Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score over cheese whey protein isolate and concentrate. This, in turn, caused an insulinotropic effect as well, more prolonged than the Peptopro. The Peptopro was digested first and then the native whey next.

The Power Of 3

The customer combined all three of these products. Quite honestly, you cannot find these products anywhere on the internet. is the only company to offer these. Everyone else is selling garbage like L-citrulline, Free Form amino acids, L-Arginine, and other BS pump products. These products do not work or are weak at best. Peptopro and Tectanic Red are no joke. They are powerful products. Nothing on the planet like them. Salmobolic and Hydrolyzed whey protein 520, rivals Peptopro, but that is the closest thing.