New Super Ingredient Is Here

Every once in a while a new ingredient comes out that blows me away.  It blows me away so much that I feel the need to share it with my readers and customers.  With this particular ingredient not doing so would be a crime on my part.


  • Superior antioxidant
  • Eliminates free radicals
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Reduces blood lipids
  • Supports wound healing
  • Helps to speed recovery from illness
  • Provides gastric protection
  • Skin Support
  • anti-cancer
  • anti-aging

For bodybuilding, sports nutrition, and muscle building the benefits would be recovery and boosted immune system.  Remember building muscle is dependant on how well you recover.  You do this by giving the 4 things the body needs post workout:  Carbs, protein, anti-oxidants, electrolytes.


What is this new ingredient?

This new ingredient is an extract from brown seaweed.  You might be saying to yourself, “Wait I heard of this before, and I thought I read about it before on this very site?”  Yes, I did a post about fucoxanthin from brown seaweed, however, this was on fucoxanthin.  The new ingredient that I am talking about is called Fucoidan.  It is a much more powerful and concentrated version coming from brown seaweed.  This fucoidan has the highest concentration of sulfate and antioxidant content with the most potent bioactivity available.   I guess technically you can say I’m talking about the same thing because they both come from brown seaweed.  However they are not the same thing AT ALL.  In addition, the versions of fucoidan that were being produced and marketed by supplement companies were garbage.  What else would you expect from supplement companies try to make a fast buck on the latest and greatest supplement fad?  However, unlike horny goat weed, gamma 0, d aspartic acid, L-Arginine, ZMA, and more, fucoidan is not a fad and the research behind it is legit.  The research on fucoidan is nothing short of incredible.  For me, the most impressive is its anti-cancer benefits.  Take a look at the studies and statements from researchers being published.

“Fucoidan’s anti-HPV and anti-cancer properties have the potential to treat both unapparent HPV infection as well as visible clinical diseases.” — Dr. Susana Trujillo NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2018 / / 


For the men reading this blog post..yes you should be at least “aware” of taking care of your prostate and not be ignorant.  Check this out


Finally if you really like the anti-cancer benefits, this is a great research publication


Sports Nutrition & Muscle Building Benefits.

You don’t build muscles while you workout.  Yes, the pump makes your muscles bigger, but they are not actually growing.  You grow AFTER training during the recovery phase.  Anabolic steroids work so well at building muscle because of the fact that your body is in a constant state of anti-catabolism.  When one is using steroids they recover much faster.  Fucoidan helps the body recover faster, and that is a fact.  Therefore we can theorize that this, in turn, will decrease catabolism and increase anti-catabolism.  Never underestimate the power of recovery.  I feel this compound is very effective.

Secondly it does have fat reducing properties.  In the past I talked about this with fucoxanthin.  However, the effects were weak to say the least.  This fucoidan is a much more powerful extract.

As you can see above this is one powerful ingredient.  Much more powerful than any amino acid or amino acid mixture you can buy.  And like I mentioned a few days ago when I posted an article about how tomatoes can help you build muscle, the new muscle building compounds are going to come from food.  And then the bioactive extracts will be isolated to create new ingredients like fucoidan.  This particular compound was isolated using a process called superfluid extraction.


Finally, of course the question is where can I buy this.  I emailed the company and asked them where I could buy it and they sent me this.

You have to be VERY, VERY,  and I can’t overemphasize this enough, CAREFUL when you buy dietary supplements.  There are so many thieves and scoundrols out there it is not even funny.  Never buy an alternative because you think it’ll save you $10.00.  Yea you’ll spend $10.00 less, but you’ll get God knows what in the bottle.  If you do try it please let me know of your results, I’d love to hear about them.