Factual Evidence Our Hydrolyzed Whey Protein 520 Is The Best In Class

Many supplement companies CLAIM to have the best hydrolyzed whey protein powder out there, but none of them can prove it.  Not only that but I honestly feel they have no clue about the science behind a hydrolyzed whey protein and the reasons why one might be higher quality than the next.  As of right now, from the research I have done, our Hydrolyzed Whey Protein 520 is the best.  And I say this for several reasons.  And because it is the best, using it will give you the best chance to increase muscle mass.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein 520

#1 Reason Our Hydrolyzed Whey Protein 520 Is the Best In Class

Percentage That Is Hydrolyzed

The first and most important reason is the degree of hydrolysis or percentage that the powder is actual hydrolyzed (pre digested).  Our Hydrolyzed 520 has a degree of hydrolysis of around 30%.  Nothing on the face of the planet is higher and not one single supplement company can prove that their hydrolyzed whey protein is higher.   You cannot have a 100% hydrolyzed whey protein.  Never existed.  I’ve been scouring the earth for 20 years looking for the best protein powders and 30% is the highest I’ve ever seen.  Now keep in mind that you can have different percentages of hydrolysis.   Now I can only guess but most companies that claim to sell hydrolyzed whey protein use very low hydrolyzed protein powders.  And why do I say this?  Well, take a look at this review someone left on companies hydrolyzed whey protein.

As you can clearly see the person said the hydrolyzed whey protein does not taste bitter to him.  OMG!  Kevin R is clearly a protein consumer that needs to be educated on how to buy a high quality hydrolyzed protein powder.

Fact:  The more hydrolyzed the whey protein is the more bitter it will taste. 

If it is not bitter than it is a low quality hydrolyzed whey protein because it does not contain high-quality peptides.  The smaller the peptides, the more bitter the taste!  For those of you who have been buying from me for years, you’ll know what I am talking about.  Peptopro and hydrolyzed 520 are VERY bitter.  If you cannot taste any bitterness, you’re using a very low quality hydrolyzed whey protein, it’s as simple as that.

Average Size Of The Peptides

Take a look at the image below and that is the peptide distribution of the 520.  I’m sure you’ve heard of “di and tri peptides”.  “Di” is two and “tri” is three.  Meaning two and three amino acids linked together.  That is what you want because that is how amino acids are digested and moved into the bloodstream.  That is what makes the Hydrolyzed 520 and Peptopro so good.  They both contain extremely small peptides.

Idiotic Supplement Companys

I went ahead an emailed one supplement company and ask them the degree of hydrolysis of their hydrolyzed protein as well as the average molecular weight….and here is their response.

The degree of hydrolysis is 12-15%. On the molecular weight, none of the hydrolyzed manufacturers ever test for that info. They all say that molecular weight is irrelevant. I know there was one retailer claiming molecular weight was a huge deal. I think it is inversely related to the degree of hydrolysis.

What does this tell you?  #1 the Hydrolyzed 520 is 2X better than the one he’s selling because it is about twice as hydrolyzed.  Second, he lies like a rug.  First, he lies and says is that NO manufacturer tests for molecular weight distribution.  We know that is a complete lie because good quality manufacturers test for MW distribution because that is the most important thing.  Then he makes an idiotic statement and says molecular weight is irrelevant.

I went ahead an emailed another supplement company and asked them the same thing and this is what they emailed me…

Good morning Bill! 
I hope you had a great Monday. 🙂
Our *&^*#@^*1 is composed of 100% hydrolyzed whey protein fractions. 
I am not sure of the molecular weight. I will reach out to the product development team and see what they say. 
If you need help with anything else in the meantime, please let me know. 

Have a great Tuesday! 🤗

As you can see the rep for this company has no clue what he is talking about.  A) As I told you before there is no such thing as 100% hydrolyzed whey protein.  B) He calls them whey fractions, which makes absolutely no sense.  This was just his attempt to sound scientific and bullshit me.  C) He admits he has no clue about molecular weight.  But he’s going to reach out to his developement team…yea ok….

In conclusion, without a doubt, our hydrolyzed proteins are the best in the world.  Not one single supplement company has the MVP line up like we do.   This is not my opinion but it’s a fact.  Therefore, by using any of our hydrolyzed proteins you know you are supplying your body with the best products in the world.   Not only that, but you impress your friends with your new protein knowledge.

Note:  The Hydrolyzed 520 is a rare protein.  Meaning, that I import this product from Europe.  You have about 20 manufacturers of hydrolyzed whey protein in the United States, but none of them produce a high quality hydrolyzed protein, not to my standards anyway.  I have one standard, “THE BEST”!

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