9 Proven Scientific Research Studies That Will Increase Your Gains

9 Proven Scientific Research Studies That Will Increase Your Gains

There is not so much bodybuilding and muscle science going on in the world.  For some reason or another, the world just cannot figure out how to create a supplement that makes you grow muscle.  Meaning take this pill and you’ll put on 10 lbs of muscle mass.  The closest thing to those above are anabolic steroids, and I do not recommend anyone using them.  However, there are many dietary supplements out there that have some good research behind them that does show their potential to increase muscle mass, reduce fat, and overall help you get a better body whether you are a women or a man.  There is a great website called Suppversity.  It does not get much attention because it is not a flashy bodybuilding site.  In addition, whoever runs the site, spits out the science lingo so much, that the average person cannot even understand what they are talking about unless you have a degree in chemistry and have taken college course so that you can decipher the studies that are always mentioned in every single one of his posts.  But regardless, he does turn out some great information, and I have pulled out the best scientific information I found on that site and related it to how you can use this information to possible make some muscle gains.

1)  Use Baking Soda with creatine.  In this blog post, Suppversity talks about a study where baking soda was used in combination of creatine.  [clickToTweet tweet=”Such a simple fix to make your creatine work better.” quote=”Such a simple fix to make your creatine work better.”]

baking soda

For the dose you want to take 22 grams of [easyazon_link identifier=”B004VLV2V0″ locale=”US” tag=”bp025-20″]Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda, 16-Ounce (Pack of 4)[/easyazon_link], with our creapure.  You should see some solid gains.

2.  Supplement with Tribulus.  I love this because so many supplement companies have been caught selling tribulus supplements that are just plain super low quality.  Most people say tribulus does not work because of this.  But I say it does “work” but only if you get the “good stuff”.  First the study.  It has shown that tribulus supplements, can have some positive effects.


The most important thing about tribulus is that you buy legit stuff.  And quite frankly and arrogantly, I have the only legit stuff in the world.

Get it here [easyazon_link identifier=”B016QX9DU2″ locale=”US” tag=”bp025-20″]Bulgarian Tribulus 90 Capsules[/easyazon_link]

3.  Use hydrolyzed whey.  I actually got this from Suppversity’s Facebook page. They posted  “Whey alone is enough to prevent muscle loss in mice fed a protein-free diet.  Whey protein hydrolosate was even anabolic enough to have the mice gain muscle compared with animals fed the amino acid mixture or the whey protein.”

whey protein hydrolysate

If you want to incorporate hydrolyzed proteins into you diet.  I would simply take a look at our Hydrolyzed 520 & our Peptopro.  The 520 is the best hydrolyzed protein on the plant and likewise for the Peptopro but it is a casein.

4.  Taking casein right before bedtime is a good idea.  Well, who did not know that already?  But if you did not or currently are not, then maybe you should give it a try.  Here is the study.

casein before bed

Of course the protein industry is full of scam artists and this blog post above does not recommend a brand, which is everything.  If not you’re getting cheap casein which could possibly be spiked.  Check out our Heliogen Casein.  I believe it is the finest casein in the world being that it comes directly from milk.

5.  Free form amino acids suck.   So many people still use free form amino acids such as a mixture or BCAA mixture.  Suppversity seems to not recommend them and neither do I.  Here is the article from Suppversity.


I recommend instead using our Advanced BCAA.  It is not a free-form amino acid.  It is actually a hydrolyzed whey protein.  Thus not only are you getting a hydrolyzed whey, which has been proven to be anabolic as shown above, but it contains 50% BCAA’s.  Advanced BCAA is one of my favorite powders.

6.  Take Beef Protein with Whey Protein.  Suppversity showed us a study from the International Sports Conference that beef and whey protein are two great proteins together.

beef vs whey protein

There are many beef proteins on the market.  Proteinfactory.com sells the world’s only beef protein from New Zealand called Muscle Shake.

7.  Use capsaicin to increase your metabolism.  Suppversity shows us a study that using this ingredient can help with weight loss.  However you have to buy the highest quality capsaicin supplement you can use which is [easyazon_link identifier=”B013XEZ6GC” locale=”US” tag=”bp025-20″]Capsicum Extract as 100% Capsimax® Capsimax Capsicum Extract 150mg x 60 Vegecapsules[/easyazon_link]


This is the branded capsaicin called “Capsimax”.  It is made by a company called Omniactives.  You cannot buy Capsimax from Omniactives.  You have to find an honest company actually uses the ingredient and not some generic capsaicin from China.  Use the brand I recommend above.

8.  Get rid of your chemical deodorant with aluminum.  A while back I wrote an article about how I gain 15 lbs in about 8 weeks.  I did this by eliminating the chemicals in my life, internally and externally.  Suppversity recently posted a great post about aluminum and how bad it is for you.  Here it is.



Needless to say, it backs up what I now believe is a major enemy in the quest for more muscle.

9.  Use Peptopro Intra work-out.  If you really want to up your game and change stuff up, try Peptopro intra workout instead of that worthless pre workout loaded with caffeine.  Actually give yourself something that the body could use to build muscle, instead of caffeine which is actually catabolic.  In a post on Suppversity, they show you how a casein hydrolysate, Peptopro is a casein hydrolysate, is beneficial intra-workout.

casein hydrolysate

In conclusion, I have given you 9 science-based ways to use supplements to increase your gains.  These are much better suggestions than listening to a professional bodybuilder, the big guy at the gym, the dude at GNC, or some wanna-be expert on some forum.  These are unbiased ways to make some gains.  Good Luck!