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There is a lot of talk in the fitness world about smart home gyms. With more people than ever before investing in home gym equipment in the past year it’s no surprise that these clever and innovative smart gyms are in vogue. There are three leading names in the market – Tempo, Tonal and Mirror – so we’ve put together a handy Tempo vs Tonal vs Mirror comparison that highlights the pros and cons of each one so you can compare like for like.

About Tempo Smart Gym

Tempo is perhaps the most basic, in terms of the weightlifting workouts you get, of the three but comes with a decent amount of equipment. The screen on which you follow courses and advice is a 42” one so is a good size, and there’s a strong level of interactivity with the Tempo set up.

It comes with a set of dumbbells and a barbell, a choice of plates and collars, a workout mat and heartrate monitor and a foam roller. That’s all you need to get involved in a decent weightlifting workout. This is a full AI device that monitors your workouts and advises where you need to improve, it also stores your stats and comes with clever storage for the equipment. A 300lb maximum barbell is a powerful tool, and there are interactive leader boards if you want to get competitive.

The negatives include standard music that can’t be altered and the lack of a bench, and it’s perhaps not as user-friendly as the Tonal device. 

Tonal Smart Gym

The Tonal Smart Gym is the most expensive of the three at almost $3000 ( a full $1000 more than the rivals) and also has the highest subscription price at just under $50 a month. However, it may be difficult to find a better piece of equipment that will help you attain good health fitness with smart features.

While Tempo majors on weights, the Tonal device allows for you to engage in cardio training, has a digital weights system that is clever and versatile, and the AI monitors your performance from 17 different sensors. 

There are no live classes, but you can interact with personal trainers, and the many different modes allow for a massive selection of workouts that can be tailored to your requirements. The benefits of Tonal include the lack of a need for actual weights, a comprehensive equipment package and a wealth of information, classes and advice that come as part of your subscription. 

Mirror Smart Gym

The first thing to say about the Mirror Smart Gym is that it aimed at training without weights. There are no weights with the package, but it does come with resistance bands. The makers are pushing this at people who already own weights and equipment, which should cover a lot of people.

There are a colossal number of classes, exercises and options available with this package, and it is the cheapest of the lot. It is sleek and portable – more so than the two above – and can be synced with your Apple watch or a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

It has a massive selection of music, but does not involve AI so there is no performance tracking option. For variety of workouts Mirror tops the two above, but you do have to have your own equipment to hand.


Each of the three smart gyms we talk about above have their merits, and all will appeal to people who are looking for different things in their workouts. Check out all three in more detail, and you’ll find the one that caters best for you and suits your budget.