Amongst the numerous sexual dysfunctions that can affect a mans ability to please his girl in the bedroom, erectile dysfunction seems to be the most problematic. When a man develops signs of erectile dysfunction, he may completely lose his ability to have a hard erection in some cases. This, in turn, means the man would not be able to penetrate his girl during sex; thus leading to sexual intercourse that is simply awkward and most likely even unwanted. Erectile dysfunction does not always cause a weak erection, but may rather affect a mans ability to maintain his erection in some cases. This means the man would be able to penetrate his girl while having sex, but he would lose his erection midway through sexual intercourse sometimes even very quickly after penetrating her.

The reality of the situation here is that erectile dysfunction has a relatively high prevalence and most men do not realize this. The Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education reports that amongst men over 40, approximately 40% are experiencing symptoms of this condition. When we look at men aged over 70, the prevalence rises to 70%. While the report does not include data for those under the age of 40, it should be noted that, even though much rarer than the statistics we provided, erectile dysfunction symptoms can develop in men even when they are not 40 years old yet.

While modern society and advancements in medicine have made men a little more comfortable in talking about their sex-related issues, there are still a lot of men who feel embarrassed to consult a healthcare professional regarding their inability to perform well during sex due to the development of erectile dysfunction symptoms. Similarly, men may also be unwilling to consult a doctor if they suffer from other sexual dysfunctions, such as a low libido or ejaculatory problems.

Why Do Men Experience Erectile Dysfunction

Before erectile dysfunction can be properly treated, it is vital for a man to understand why he may be experiencing the symptoms associated with this particular sexual disorder. There are quite a large number of potential contributing factors, and in many cases, the man might be experiencing weak erections or an erection that refuses to last very long due to an underlying medical condition that is developing in his body. For this reason, erectile dysfunction is often considered a warning sign of a more serious health problem that needs to be attended to. In some cases, however, erectile dysfunction may only be caused by some stress, or another psychological problem.

Men often try their own methods of improving their sexual experience and regaining their erectile function, but without knowing why they are experiencing these problems in the first place, not even trying out sometantric sex positions may be able to help them resolve their sex-related issues.

To really understand why men develop erectile dysfunction, we first need to break the potential causes and risk factors up into multiple sections: physical causes, psychological causes and lifestyle causes. Lets look at each of these, as explained by Mayo Clinic, separately.

Physical Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

The physical causes of erectile dysfunction are often considered the most serious. When there is a physical cause behind the symptoms a man may be experiencing, then he needs to attend to these particular health problems before they develop into more serious conditions and cause the man to experience complications. Many of the physical contributing factors that cause weaker erections have some effect on the heart. Examples of physical contributing factors include heart disease and heart failure, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. Metabolic syndrome, some sleep disorders and certain types of prescription medication may also contribute to the development of symptoms related to erectile dysfunction.

Psychological Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Since the mind has an important role to play in a mans ability to gain an erection and to maintain that erection, numerous mental health issues can lead to erectile dysfunction symptoms. Depression and anxiety disorders are often to be blamed when a psychological cause is behind a mans erectile dysfunction. A stressful life, as well as relationship problems, are also known to have a significant impact on a mans ability to have a rigid erection and perform sexual intercourse without any problems.

Lifestyle Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

There are numerous lifestyle causes of erectile dysfunction that are often preventable contributing factors. As we have mentioned before, obesity plays a role in a mans sexual well-being. Obesity is usually caused by an unhealthy diet, combined with a sedentary lifestyle. It should also be noted that obesity causes many of the health problems that contribute to erectile dysfunction. Thus, the connection goes deep with obesity and, along with obesity, a sedentary lifestyle also causes erectile problems.

Apart from these particular lifestyle factors, it should also be noted that smoking causes many problems in a mans body, including difficulty achieving rigid erections. Additionally, alcohol and drug usage may also greatly contribute to a mans ability to have hard erections and to keep their erections hard enough for the duration of sexual intercourse.

9 Reasons Why You Should Place Your Trust In Virectin

In this post, we would like to introduce our readers to a particular supplement that has gained quite a lot of popularity in the last few years. The supplement is known as Virectin and provides an effective solution that men can utilize to help them gain an improvement in several factors that affect their sexual performance, but without including any type of pharmaceutical chemicals that may cause harm to the male users body. Before we dig deeper into Virectin and tell you about how this product works, what ingredients it includes and look at other particular factors about the supplement, lets first start by looking at nine top reasons why you should trust Virectin if you are currently experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and finding that your sexual performance is not what it is supposed to be.

Reason #1:

The number one reason why Virectin is a supplement that you can trust and rely on would be the fact that this particular male enhancement supplement does not expose the male user’s body to any type of synthetic chemicals, like those used to make Viagra and other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Reason #2:

Another important reason why Virectin makes for a trustworthy supplement is the fact that the supplement has been used by a lot of men, and when you take a look at Virectin reviews found on the internet, most of these reviews claim that the supplement was able to deliver positive results amongst its male users.

Reason #3:

Virectin is also easier to take than many other supplements, as well as pharmaceutical erectile dysfunction drugs. Instead of having to time the administration of Virectin closely to a man’s sexual activity, a man simply needs to take the supplement on a daily basis, usually in the morning.

Reason #4:

Instead of dosing the male body with a large number of foreign substances with a single administration, Virectin rather gradually supplies the male body with a variety of all-natural substances that offers the man longer-term benefits than pharmaceutical options can offer.

Reason #5:

Virectin does not only utilize a combination of effective natural substances that may help a man experience improvements in his sexual well-being, but also includes numerous vitamins and minerals that have been proven to have a negative impact on a man’s sexual well-being if there is not an adequate supply within the man’s body.

Reason #6:

Even though Virectin is manufactured within the United States, the supplement can be ordered from international locations as well. This is a major benefit over many of the other similar supplements on the market, as the majority of these supplements only ship to addresses located in the United States.

Reason #7:

No serious side-effects have been associated with the daily and long-term use of Virectin. When you compare these results to pharmaceutical options, then this is another major benefit. Most pharmaceutical options that are available to help men overcome erectile dysfunction causes a variety of unpleasant side-effects.

Reason #8:

All of the ingredients that are included in Virectin’s powerful formula has gone through extensive research studies and clinical trials. Only ingredients that have provided positive results in relation to a man’s hormone balance, sexual well-being and stamina levels have been included in this product’s formula.

Reason #9:

Since many people may be skeptical about buying a product like Virectin, the fact that Virectin comes with a money-back guarantee is another added benefit that should most definitely be considered. If the man finds any problems with Virectin, such as that the supplement does not help to improve the quality of their erections, then they can request the money they paid for the product be refunded.

What You Should Know About Virectin

Now that we have covered some of the top reasons why men should trust Virectin to help them improve their performance in the bedroom, lets take a closer look at this particular supplement. Quite a large number of supplements have hit the male performance enhancement recently, which makes it relatively difficult for a man to know which particular supplement he should opt for. We also read about reports that claim certain natural supplements contain illegal ingredients that are not listed on its ingredient list. This can put a man off from buying such a product. With Virectin, however, a man does not have to worry about these factors. The product has gone through extensive research and includes a complete list of all ingredients that are found within each of the supplements tablets; thus allowing the male user to know exactly what they are putting into their body.

How Virectin Works?

Virectin includes a variety of ingredients that work in different ways. Thus, the product offers a multi-action solution that can help men improve various areas of their sexual well-being. Lets take closer look at the multiple ways in which Virectin works in order to help men perform better during sexual intercourse.

  • The primary function of the Virectin male enhancement supplement is to improve blood vessel dilation, especially within the penis and the groin area. An erection greatly relies on healthy blood flow, especially in the region that surrounds the penis. When there is a healthy flow of blood in this area, enough blood can flow toward the penis and enter the penis’s two primary chambers; thus resulting in a rigid erection. When there is not enough blood supply, however, an erection may be weak and is likely to go away quickly. Several ingredients in Virectin helps to improve blood flow, primarily through increasing Nitric Oxide levels in the body.

  • Another function of Virectin is to act as an aphrodisiac, which means certain ingredients found in the product has the ability to boost the male user’s libido. A low libido, or a lack of sexual desire, is relatively common amongst men. With these aphrodisiac ingredients, the man would become interested in having sex again, which will also help him perform better during sex.

  • Virectin also aims to address certain nutritional deficiencies that are known to cause problems with a man’s sexual performance. Research often proofs that being deficient of certain vitamins and minerals causes numerous problems with a man’s overall well-being. In turn, these effects may cause issues with the man’s erectile function.

Key Ingredients Found In The Virectin Formula

Virectins formula has been developed based on some of the latest research that has been conducted in relation to male sexual health and male sexual performance. The ingredients each work in a unique way in order to address some of the most common problems that men tend to experience while they are having sex.

Here is a list of the ingredients a male user is able to obtain by turning to Virectin for improvements in their performance in the bedroom:

  • Niacin

  • Tribulus Terrestris

  • Selenium

  • Maca Root

  • L-Arginine HCL

  • Zinc

  • Wild Oats

  • Horny Goat Weed

  • Tongkat Ali

  • Fenugreek Seed

  • Mucuna Pruriens

  • Ginkgo Biloba

  • Saw Palmetto

  • Cnidium Monnieri

  • Damiana Leaf

  • Ashwagandha Root

How To Use Virectin For Best Results?

Knowing how to use Virectin in such a way to obtain the best results from this supplement is vital for the success rates a man is able to experience when opting for Virectin. Luckily, using Virectin is very easy and is most definitely not as complicated as compared to using Viagra or any of the other erectile dysfunction drugs that can be obtained through a doctor prescription. The recommended dosage for Virectin is two tablets per day. These tablets can be taken in the morning for the male users convenience. Some men also find that only using one tablet per day is also effective.

Are There Any Side-Effects To Be Wary Of?

While pharmaceutical options used to treat erectile dysfunction is often associated with side-effects, Virectin has not been associated with any noteworthy side-effects as of yet. All reviews found on the internet claims that the product has positive results and does not mention any potential negative effects caused by the supplement.

The Positive Facts About Virectin

  • Virectin is an all-natural supplement that utilized vitamins, minerals and certain plant extracts to deliver potent results to the user.

  • There is no need to take the supplement just before sexual intercourse, which often makes things awkward. Instead, the supplement is taken once in the morning and that’s all it takes for its effects to take place.

  • Virectin is relatively affordable when compared to pharmaceutical options and other natural supplements on the market that makes similar promises as Virectin does.

The Negative Facts About Virectin

  • The only potential negative fact about Virectin would be that an allergic reaction is possible should the user be allergic to any of the included ingredients, but taking a dose of antihistamines can treat this side-effect.

User Reviews About Virectin

A large number of Virectin reviews can be found throughout the internet, as well as on the official website that represents this supplement. Most of the reviews we found had a positive view of the product and men claim that they are able to experience the benefits Virectin claimed to offer them in a relatively short period of time.

Final Verdict

Erectile dysfunction may well be one of the most harmful conditions a man can develop. While the condition may not directly lead to more serious complications, it often signals the presence of an underlying health condition, such as high blood pressure or heart problems. When these problems are attended to, erectile function is sometimes restored. Another serious concern to keep in mind is the fact that erectile dysfunction tends to cause men to experience a variety of mental health problems as well, including depression and potentially the development of other anxiety disorders.

While the prescription drugs available with a doctors prescription may provide a man the opportunity to achieve an erection that is rigid and lasts longer, these drugs come with many potential consequences and side-effects. In rare cases, they may even lead to life-threatening side-effects. Thus, switching to a more natural alternative to help a man achieve his peak performance during sex is both safer and more efficient, primarily due to the fact that these natural pills tend to offer long-term benefits. With the numerous positive Virectin reviews found throughout the net, we have come to a conclusion that this particular supplement seems to hold a lot of potential for men suffering from erectile dysfunction symptoms, as well as for those suffering from other conditions that are affecting their performance in the bedroom.