Another Reason Why Coffee Is Bad To Use Pre Workout

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you’ll know my stance on caffeine use as a pre-workout supplement or energy supplement.  I have presented, time and time again, how caffeine increase cortisol levels.  Which people that debate me give me reasons why cortisol is good and how caffeine is even better.  However, these rebuttals are weak and I still feel that caffeine is not a bodybuilding product.  Caffeine is a drug, you can and will get addicted to it, and it does increase cortisol levels.  This is enough to convince me not to use it.

Well, I’m going to up the ante’ in favor of my debate by giving you another reason not to use one of the major delivery methods to get caffeine, and that is coffee.  There is a chemical that is produced in coffee when it is roasted called acrylamide.  According to the FDA, acrylamide caused cancer in animals.  Acrylamide is used in industrial plastics and grouts.  Finally, it is found in cigarette smoke.   Geez, sound like something I do not want in my body.

In addition just yesterday some judge in California ruled that coffee must now carry warning labels.  I”m not sure what the warning label will say, but most likely it will say, “This product contains acrylamide, which has been proven to cause cancer”.

Here are my thoughts on this.

Cancer is a big problem in this country and world.  Most likely there will never be a cure for cancer.  I think Big Pharma won’t allow it.  Literally, billions of dollar, if not trillions of dollars will be wiped out if a cure was invented.  Imagine a world without cancer?  Yea, me neither.  People just “get” cancer and accept it as that.  Well why did you get cancer?  Does this even need to be answered if you are someone that is diagnosed with it?  Maybe not, you have it, who cares how you got it?  But maybe if you knew products and things in your life that cause cancer, maybe it could have been prevented.  I think cancer prevention is brushed under the rug…big time.   Wouldn’t it be interesting instead of a Walk For This Cancer or a Walk for that cancer, it would a Walk for Cancer Prevention?  This Walk for cancer prevention would be about informing people on what things in our daily lives that may cause cancer.  It would have things you can do that could fight cancer, like exercise.  It would also have supplements that are proven to fight cancer growth and a list of cosmetics that have chemicals in them that are proven to cause cancer.

And yes, I would now inform people that coffee does contain acrylamide, a proven cancer-causing ingredient.

Now some of you may not be persuaded by this and say something like, “Yea well they say everything causes cancer!”  But I say that it is a combination and the systematic dosing of cancer-causing chemicals in our lives which result in someone being diagnosed with cancer.

Here’s what I mean

You wake up, and brush your teeth.  The toothpaste you use contains triclosan, which causes tumors in mice.

You go downstairs and have some coffee.  The coffee contains acrylamide which causes cancer in animals.

You add sucralose to the coffee, which also caused cancer in animals.

You head upstairs to jump in the show and use soap and shampoos with cancer-causing ingredients in them.

You spray on cologne which contains ingredients to reduce your testosterone.

You put on your shirt washed with ingredients that have been proven to cause cancer.

Ok so it is not even 9 AM and you’ve just subjected yourself to SEVERAL cancer-causing ingredients.

You take your preworkout with caffeine and acesulfame, which also have cancer-causing ingredients.

You head to the gym and some idiot is smoking right outside the entrance and you walk through his second-hand smoke.

You have a dentist appointment at 2 pm and they take x rays, which obviously cause cancer as well.  I love how they put a lead blanket over you, but at the same time put that x-ray machine right up against your head…gee thanks, I don’t need my brain.

You do this routine every day, day in and day out, for the entire year, systematically subjecting yourself to cancer-causing “things”.  Now after 20 years of doing this, BOOM, you wonder how you got cancer????

I recommend to take precautions, you do not want cancer.  Try your best to reduce your exposure to cancer-causing products.  Maybe now it is finally time to take my advice and drop the coffee from your diet.  God forbid you cant have that “jolt” feeling every day.  Maybe it is time to get your energy from healthy eating 😉 instead.