The following is an in-depth interview with Bradley Martyn, a well-know fitness and bodybuilding influencer on Instagram and Youtube.

Question:  I was looking at your Instagram and you have 2.7 million followers, wow.  When did you start to gain all of these followers?

Bradley Martyn:  I started promoting my personal training and online coaching services as soon as Instagram came out. I believe I was one of the first fitness people to start doing this on social media. When IG first came out there were people coaching/training others via email, but very few people had actually used social media for advertising of these types of services. I started then but it took several years before things really started to pick up. Things really started to take off when IG started allowing videos to be posted on their platform. I jumped out of a 4 foot pool for my first viral video. I’ve since squatted on a hoverboard and done a bunch of other ridiculous or impressive things that went viral since then. Those videos going viral was what really set my account up for growth.

Question:  How long have you been on Instagram?

Bradley Martyn:  I don’t remember the exact years but I was on Instagram since the beginning. I was actively using IG when people were simply using it as an app to filter photos and post them on Facebook. lol

Question:  What do you like better Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube?

Bradley Martyn:  I wouldn’t say that I like anyone better than the other. I like creating content for youtube the best. I love the interaction that Twitter allows. I gained my popularity first on Instagram so I have to show some loyalty there too. If I had to get rid of all but one then I would probably keep youtube just because I have the most fun creating content with their platform.

Question:  Are you on Facebook and how do you feel about this whole privacy thing going on with them?

Bradley Martyn:  I am on Facebook but it is definitely lower on the list than the others. I’ll admit I haven’t followed too much about what’s going on outside of some of the meme’s, posts, and links that I see on the various forms of social media.

Question:  Here are some basic questions that people wanted me to ask you.

What is Bradley Martyn Height:

Bradley Martyn:  I’m 6 foot 3 inches tall.

What is Bradley Martyn Age?

Bradley Martyn:  I will be 29 in May.

Question:  Where were you born and what age did you start lifting weights?

Bradley Martyn:  I was born in San Francisco and started lifting around 14/15 years of age.

Question:  Have you ever measured your arms and if so how big are they?

Bradley Martyn:  I haven’t measured them in a while. I think they are still around 20”.

Question:  Did you ever have the thoughts of doing one of those professional bodybuilding contests?

Bradley Martyn:  I used to compete in Men’s Physique when the division first came out. I think about competing in the new Classic Physique division from time to time, but right now I’m still focused on building my brands: BMFIT, Zoo Culture, Origin Supplements, and Culture Cast.

Question:  What are the advantages of being as big and muscular as you are?  Be honest, does it make it easier to “get” girls? Like that image of the guy kicking sand in the face of the geek on the beach?  Is that true? Does the big muscular guy get the bikini babe? When you’re in the club, you can just walk up to any girl and start talking to her right?  Nobody is going to say anything to’re bigger than the bouncers?

Bradley Martyn:  Being bigger gets you more attention, but that’s not always a good thing. Can it help you get girls? Maybe if the girl you are interested in likes your muscles. You need a personality. You won’t get girls simply by having muscles. Being bigger might intimidate some people, but it also might make some people want to cause problems with you because they are looking for something to prove. Honestly though, I didn’t build muscle or “get huge” for any reason other than I love lifting weights and I wanted to be better at it. I have never focused on my physique for any reason outside of being better in the gym. I don’t really have a life outside of that anyways lol.

Question:  In the movie pumping iron, with Arnold, he came off like that, is that true?  In the movie pumping iron Arnold said the “pump” is like cumming, what’s your thoughts on that?

Bradley Martyn:  Arnold is the G.O.A.T. and he probably said and did a lot of things to capture people’s attention back when Pumping Iron was created and released. Maybe that was his experience but it hasn’t been mine lol!

Question:  It looks like on your Instagram you have a dog or two?  What kind of dog is that and tell me about it?

Bradley Martyn

Bradley Martyn:  I have two female pit bulls that I adopted. One is named Bam and she’s the oldest. The other is named Haze. I try and take them everywhere with me. They are my family and have brought even more enjoyment and happiness to my life than I initially thought. I love dogs and I hope that everybody gets the same experience with their pets as I do with mine.

Question:  You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to but a lot of people want to know your net worth?

Bradley Martyn:  To be honest I don’t even know!! lol I am blessed and doing better than I had ever expected. I never focused on my income though. I’ve simply just done things that I wanted to do. I opened my gym Zoo Culture in May 2017 and I didn’t do it to make more money. I just wanted a place to film for youtube and workout. It was always a dream of mine so I did it. It is now doing well. I started Origin Supplements and Culture Cast (podcast) because they sounded like fun. We work hard over here and strive to make everything we do successful, but ultimately it’s not about the money. It’s about the action and the work involved in building a business out of something that you’re passionate for. This is how I approach everything. I learned that I was happy when I was broke and near homeless. I don’t need to focus on money to make me happy. I want to focus my happiness on how I make my money…instead of how much money I make.

Question:  Tell me about a typical day of yours, do you immediately get up and start lifting weights?

Bradley Martyn:  I’ve never been much of a morning person unless I have somewhere to be. I will usually take my time getting up and spend time with my dogs in the morning. I will answer emails, texts, tweets, etc. and get ready for my day. I am probably the most productive with “behind the scenes” work in the mornings. If I get backed up then I’m up at 5am or earlier to catch up on things. Otherwise I’m usually awake and moving around by 8am. I usually head down to Zoo Culture to film content for my YouTube channel around 11am. I will grab a bite to eat after filming and then get a workout in. Occasionally I will take a brief 20-30 minute nap if I have the time. By then it’s usually late in the afternoon or early evening. I like to spend time at Zoo Culture and hang out there even when I’m not training. We have people visiting Zoo Culture from afar every day so I like to try and be there to interact with people that follow and support me. Lastly, we try and podcast with Culture Cast as often as we can. We built our studio inside Zoo Culture so that ends up being a part of my day most of the week. I’m pretty simple, I typically only travel for work and I don’t have much of a personal life that people don’t see online. I typically end my day at home playing video games. I play on all consoles and even a computer. I built a gaming room in my house just for this. It used to be a private personal thing for me, but I now create content and upload that online as well. I enjoy interacting with those that follow me so I’m uploading my life online with most of the things I do every day.

Question:  What is your workout training schedule?

Bradley Martyn:  I don’t have a set training schedule right now, but I train 5-6 days a week. Sometimes I’ll train every day if my body is feeilng rested. Those of you that follow me know that Every Day is Arm Day! I will get on set workout splits for specific goals when I need to, but lately I’ve been so busy with the business side of things and content creation that training has been a time of enjoyment and personal time for me. I train what I feel like that day. It’s more about enjoyment and health right now instead of making gainz…but that will change soon. I have some plans for my physique and strength goals that I don’t want to disclose yet, but I’m excited to take things serious again.

Question:  Do you have a girlfriend right now or are you married?

Bradley Martyn:  I am currently single.

Question:  Can you give us any names of past girlfriends you have had and their Instagram accounts so we can see how hot they are?

Bradley Martyn:  Mannnn you’re asking for a lot here!!

Question:  Do hot chicks “slide into your DMS’s”  all the time? And if so are you like, “yea ok i’ll DM that one?”.  Do they ever send you nudes?

Bradley Martyn:  LOL!! I get a lot of crazy DM’s on the daily. I typically ignore the crazy stuff no mattter how “hot” the girl is. If somebody wants to get my attention just be you and be real. You don’t have to do anything crazy.

Question:  What do you think is the most important food to eat if someone is trying to get huge?  Eggs? Beef?

Bradley Martyn:  It’s really simple. Eat enough calories to grow and make sure that you’re in a caloric surplus. Once you do that then find the macro ration of protein, carbs, and fats that works for you to meet your caloric goal. There isn’t a specific food that will make you huge if it’s not consumed in the right quantity.

Question:  Do you think vegans can get as big as you?

Bradley Martyn:  I’m sure there is a vegan somewhere that already is. It’s definitely possible but it’s going to take a lot more work on the nutrition side of things to get there. I implement a lot of vegetarian meals into my diet for health, but I am not a vegetarian, vegan, or anything like that.

Question:  Do you ever see yourself stopping bodybuilding?

Bradley Martyn:  I may stop trying to be big at some point, but I’ll never stop lifting weights and exercising.

Question:  What do you eat or drink post workout?

Bradley Martyn:  I’m a big believer in peri-wokout nutrition, so I have supplements I use for pre and intra-workout. I will occasionally have a protein shake post-workout if I don’t have time to eat, but usually I will eat a big meal after my workout. I’m a big fan of teriyaki bowls. I’ll get chicken or beef and have it with jasmine or basmati rice.

Question:  Do you own any bitcoin?

Bradley Martyn:  I don’t at the moment.

Question:  What do you think of NFL players sitting during the national anthem?

Answer:  I don’t really follow the NFL and I’m not a political person either so I don’t really have a comment for this. We get more into touchy subjects like this on Culture Cast. If you want my opinions on topics like this then you’ll have to tune in.

Question:  Any opinion on Rich Piana?  Do you think he died from steroid or drug abuse?

Bradley Martyn:  Rich was a friend of mine and somebody that I looked up to. I respected him for creating his own businesses out of the following that he gained. I also respected his no filter approach to everything. I don’t have a bad thing to say about Rich. I wish he was still here with us. Rest in Peace.

Question:  You have your own clothing line?

Bradley Martyn:  I do! If you’re interested in checking it out you can visit

Question:  Where do you see yourself in the future?  Owning a gym, restaurant, dating someone famous?

Bradley Martyn:  I currently have BMFIT, a gym called Zoo Culture, a supplement company called Origin, and a show/podcast called Culture Cast. I would like to see all of them grow with time. I would love to open up more Zoo Culture locations and continue to be part of the movement to bring better gyms to people. I’ve really enjoyed Culture Cast and I’m excited to see the following grow there. So far the feedback on everything has been tremendous! I want to take acting lessons and pursue that. Ultimately, I just want to have fun and enjoy the ride that I’m on. I enjoy success and success is determined by happiness and enjoying life. I want to continue to work on myself personally and enjoy every step of this journey that I’m on. Ultimately, in the end, I would like to give back in ways that can make a real difference in the world. I would love to get to a point, when I retire from my personal ambitions, that I can dedicate myself entirely to charities and other things that truly help people. I have always thought that would be the best final chapter to my story. Regardless of what may come, I’m looking forward to the future and I’m excited for things to come!