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I’d also like to make you aware of a big problem that we are about to solve for you.  That problem is bad quality protein and supplements that you have been using.  So see, EVERY supplement company claims that their products are of the highest quality, and that they are all made in a GMP facility and go through laboratory testing.  However this is far from the truth.  Ninety percent of the companies selling supplements do not conduct any testing on their supplements whatsoever.  As a matter of fact most believe they do not need to do any testing at all because their contract packager does it for them.  Make sure you read this blog post where I busted a lot of supplement companies saying they do not do any testing or are not even registered with the FDA.

In addition, I’m sure you have heard of the protein spiking scandal, and many other supplement companies failing label claims.

When you buy from you can be sure that we follow the CFR 111’s and that you are buying 3rd party lab tested protein.  If you are reading this because you are not located in the United States, and maybe you are located in Canada, England, Australia, or even Russia, I can only assume that the same thing happens in your country as well.  If you think these big companies selling supplements that are being 3rd party tested then you are naive.  Before buying any supplement from any supplement company you need to ask them for a 3rd party lab analysis.  If they cannot supply it, dont buy it.

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Train Hard & Supplement Smart

Alex Rogers