Melanotan 2 is a peptide research chemical to help with tanning and is popular in the bodybuilding community.  Medicinal sciences have facilitated us with several drugs to make up for deficiencies that can cause chronicle diseases. Scientific experiments and research has been able to produce many supplements and dietary support vitamins that can make up for nutritional lacks in the body which are vital for proper growth and healthy lifestyle.

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Similarly, there has been a lot of research done on the role of melanotan 2. It belongs to the group of melanocortins in the body which play an essential role in skin and hair pigmentation. They are also responsible for other internal organs in the body such as libido and sexual appetite. Melanotan ll is the only component included in the group of melancortins which is concerned with increasing or decreasing the sexual arousal or sexual appetite. Melantonan 2 is an analog of the alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone found within pituitary gland.

melanotan 2

Usually, Ultraviolet or UV exposure increases the production for melanin in the skin which makes the skin darker. It is brown pigment produced by exposure to sunrays sometimes also responsible for strengthening muscles. Melanotan ll has become a famous booster within the bodybuilding community due to its strengthening properties. Besides the organic form, there are also synthetic forms available to overcome deficiencies of Melanotan ll.

History of Melanotan 2

The synthetic form of Melanotan 2 was first developed back in 1980s in University of Arizona. Ever since, it has been performing trials to prove if synthetic Melanotan ll is just as useful as the organic form and whether it will be useful in the future. Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Limited, an Australian based clinic, has the rights for marketing MT currently. However, they are more concerned with performing on individuals who lack melanocyte at all. Products provided by Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Limited at the moment merely provide a boost in order to increase circulatory levels which protect such people against lumps, sores and itching caused due to ultraviolet rays.

What it does

Melanotan 2 has been reported to increase the pigmentation of skin without any direct exposure to the sun. It was also noticed that melanotan 2 might pigment the skin; however, the tanning might not be even due to uneven distribution. Another reason for the uneven tanning might be due to concentrated level of melanocytes in some parts of the body more than the others. Usually, the tanning is noticeable on face, abdomen and arms.

It is worth acknowledging that genitals have high level of melanocytes which combined with UV rays heighten their response to melanotan 2. It can increase sexual appetite for men and women resulting in a healthier sex life.

Increased level of melanotan 2 will also compels towards increasing metabolism thus resulting in better workout sessions. This is a reason why this peptide has grown to be famous among players and lifters. It helps in burning fat while toning your muscles and providing pigmentation to the skin which is appreciated in the sports community.

Overall, even if the benefits of melanotan 2 are limited, they are useful for proper functioning of the human body.

Melanotan 2 in supplements

An important way to overcome lack of nutrition in body is by adding supplements or dietary support vitamins in your diet. There are also supplements being made that include melanotan 2 with concentrated amounts for the pigmentation of skin as well as boost of libido. Although, this is a recent supplement it has been widely accepted by the audience due to the promising results. Many of its factors especially concerning muscle building, weight loss and sexual drive have been positively received. Recently, due to increased demand of melanotan 2 in supplements there has also been a boost in suppliers who are producing supplements which includes this particular peptide in synthetic form.

Melanotan 2 for weight loss

After clinical research, it was concluded that melanotan 2 plays an integral role in the process of weight loss by due to three main reasons:

  1. It will suppress appetite thus forcing the body to consume less food and naturally losing fatover timee.
  2. It leads to ageneral reduction in visceral and subcutaneous fat tissues thus taking direct and active part in weight loss.
  3. It also boosts metabolism which increases activity and enhances workouts thus causing you to lose weight.

It can be stated the melanotan 2 is an active ingredient responsible for the loss of body fat and therefore an important component for players and bodybuilders.

How to use melanotan 2

Melanotan ll is available in powder form which needs to be diluted with bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride. The dosage of melanotan ll depends on skin type and the needs of the individual for maximum results of this medicinal drug. You can generally divide skin in three types to figure out the dosage:

  1. Type A: If you have pale skin which hardly tans even with sun exposure then you can incorporate 50-60 mg of melanotan ll.
  2. Type B: This skin type can be concluded as fair yet tends to be affected by sun exposure through burning or tanning. People with this type of skin should take 30-40 mg.
  3. Type C: This type of skin is medium brown whereas it tends to tan easily under the sun but does not itch or sore. It is recommended to take 20 mg of melanotan ll.

In short, the darker your skin color is, the less melanotan ll you will need if you are going to use it for the pigmentation or tanning of skin.

On the other hand, as stated, melanotan can help with erectile dysfunction (ED) as well. People who are suffering from ED can take 0.025 mg of melanotan ll which is the average dosage for a day.

It is important to recognize that every person will react differently to melanotan ll due to different concentration levels of melanocyte in their body. Some people might tan faster or darker than others as a result. Similarly, its effects regarding ED and weight loss might also differ from person to person.

Benefits of Melanotan 2

Melanotan ll has various effects on the body and the results vary on each individual depending on their body’s type. Following are some of the benefits that you can obtain by using melanotan 2:

  1. Pigmentation/Tanning

A significant role that melanotan 2 plays is pigmenting your skin thus making it look “sun-kissed” or tanned. In the past, most people spent time under the sun but due to a busy lifestyle it has become harder to spend long hours in the sun. Besides that, UV rays can cause skin cancer and blisters especially if there is a complete lack of melanocyte in the body. Another famous method used for tanning has been fake tanning through saunas or creams. This type of fake tan does not last longer which is why more people are opting for semi-permanent resolution. Melanotan ll has shown a significant change in skin tone with average dosage therefore it is now used as a supplement for skin tanning by many people.

  1. Weight Loss

Although you can work out and lose weight in your own time but some people do better when they have a backup for losing weight. Many other ingredients such as ketones have been used as a way to provide that extra boost to metabolism for losing fat. Similarly, melanotan ll will trigger fat tissues to melt thus causing you to get rid of access body fat. In addition to that, the metabolism boost can be a positive change in lifestyle thus letting you work harder and longer in the gym. Ultimately, you will see a noticeable change in your weight loss journey.

  1. Sexual Drive

Many men and women suffer erectile dysfunction (ED) which can take a toll on their daily lives. Mostly, this lack of drive is caused due to lack of nourishment in body paired with excessive work. However, melanotan ll can change things for you by increasing your libido thus letting you take an active part in sex life.

  1. Body Building

It has also shown to increase muscle building while simultaneously helping you lose weight. It has been used by body builders who saw satisfactory results of this peptide in their body building mechanism.

It can be assumed that malenotan ll is packed with several benefits that are commonly achieved through fake methods and life endangering steroids.

Side effects of Melanotan 2

melanotan 2

Since melanotan 2 is a peptide, its side effects are also similar to that of others. It might cause nausea and migraine in addition to flushed face, lethargy and redness. It can also cause hyper pigmentation which is the access of melanocyte in the body. If your skin has concentrated levels of melanocyte, melanotan ll can cause that area to darken more than the others.

Besides this, it can abnormally increase sex drive too by causing spontaneous reactions within 1-5 hours. In the long run, it can potentially cause fatal damage to muscles too which is of great concern for scientific studies at the moment.

It can be concluded that melanotan 2, if necessary, should be taken in careful amount and a close eye should be kept on its effects. Once you have taken the drug, notice its impact on your body before you continue a complete cycle.

Overview of melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 is a medicinal drug which is under research for a final verdict on its efficiency for different parts of the body. However, from past research we can conclude that it has been quite helpful in pigmenting skin. People with pale skin can use this drug as a tanner instead of having to spend time under the sun.

Another important view held by some researchers is that it might not cause pigmentation as much as it will help in boosting melanocyte to help against UV rays in individuals who lack this peptide. This means that it has more properties for prevention of itchiness and sores than darkening the skin.

Although, we cannot negate the fact that, some people have noticed results when it comes to skin pigmentation and darkening. It has visibly changed the color of skin for some people by adding color to their pale skin.

Similarly, it has also helped people in curing ED (erectile dysfunction) by increasing their sex drive. It is true that we lack proper scientific evidence that it is as important for curing ED or causing pigmentation in the skin. However, it is because of individuals who have personally used it that we can establish its beneficial qualities in future.

Scientists and researchers have applied their studies on experimental rats which have provided enough evidence to establish that to some extent it will have visible effects. It is still under review as to how influential it is for the human body and how it can be used to create desired results.

Reviews of melanotan 2

Most of the people, gathering from reviews, have seen change in their skin tone even if it has been a slight difference. Along with that, people have also felt more active sexually after using melanotan ll which means that it has real basis for becoming rapidly famous in the supplement industry. However, when it comes to weight loss, there is little evidence for its performance as promised. Keeping in mind the little evidence we have, it can be said that melanotan ll has a bright future as its demand has increase as more knowledge spreads.

It can be said that melanotan ll is a peptide that causes pigmentation, increased sexual drive and weight loss. It can be beneficial for cosmetic companies and sports communities. However, it has also shown adverse affects that can negatively impact the individual. It can also cause cancer according to some scientific arguments as well as fail the muscle system in the long term. If anyone is to take this medicinal peptide, they must take the prescribed amount in average dosages to counter any negative impacts. Last but not the least, this should be used as an alternative for tanning methods but more for preventive measurements to protect paler skin against UV rays.

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