The following is an interview with bodybuilder Nadia Amy.
Hi Nadia Amy, how old are you and when did you start working out?
-I am 24 years old and I’ve been bodybuilding for 4 years now but have been athlete my entire life.
nadia amy
Nadia, looking at your body you are very muscular, does gaining muscle come easy to you?
-Gaining muscle doesn’t necessarily come easy to me but being that I have been active since I was 1 year old being an athlete is all I know so I would say the muscle doesn’t come easy but the discipline and work ethic does.
Your biceps are big  How did you get them like that?  And what exercise do you consider the best for building biceps?
-When I first joined a gym I knew I wanted bigger arms so I did a lot of research and educated myself on how to grow the arms and I honestly did train arms 2-3 times a week for that first year and gained about 80% of my mass at the beginning. I stuck to basics but I always do all my exercises very slowly so no rep goes to waste, so a lot of time under tension style training.
Do people freak out about your biceps when they see them?  Do guys just get baffled on why yours are bigger than theres?
-Most people don’t freak out as much as have questions. I still have a balanced look but the size and shape of my biceps always impose a lot of questions from everyone that crosses my path so it’s more flattering than anything.
How many dips can you do?
-The most dips I’ve done was 12 at one time.
How many pull ups can you do?
-The most pull ups I’ve done was 23 at one time.
When did you start your instagram account and do you market it?  Do you want to be an Instagram Star?
-I first created an Instagram account when I was 17 and didn’t really use it until I committed to bodybuilding where I just showed my personality and let that take me places. I knew nothing but 70’s bodybuilding so I was always that old school is the new school kind of chick and a lot of people respected that and my honesty about my journey. I do not want to be an “Instagram star” because let’s be honest no one is going to be able to put “Instagram star” on their resume. I do want to be a role model not just a fitness model and let that mod me into a very successful business women not someone with a ton of likes and followers and no engagement.
What is your diet like?  What is an average day of eating?
-My diet is very intuitive. I don’t track or restrict foods, I more so will eat around my training. Where most athletes will put their nutrition first I put my training first. On a normal day I will eat about 4-5 meals and usually a snack or two in between since most my day is on the road or running from A to B. I don’t like chicken for some reason after eating nothing but chicken breast when I first started so now my go to’s are m eggs and oats in the morning and turkey, lean beed, bison, salmon or tuna.
How many grams of protein do you eat per day?
-Roughly 110-150g of protein per day.
What is your favorite supplement?
-My favorite supplement is EVP by Evogen, it’s an awesome non stimulant pre workout.
How many days a week do you train?  and how much time per day do you spend in the gym?
-I train 6 days a week and am usually in the gym for an hour and a half.
What your favorite tricep exercise?
-My favorite tricep exercise is definitely skull crushers.
What would you tell someone that wanted to gain muscle mass like you and never lifted before?
-TRAIN HARD! So many people either are timid about either getting too big right away or they underestimate their own strength/capabilities. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn so my advice is to go hard and lift heavy right away if you’re just starting go hard because you’ll make most your progress at the beginning anyway and you can just continue to sculpt away the rest of the years like what I’m doing.
Do you have a day job?
-I did until about 4 weeks ago where I took the jump and quit my corporate sales job to invest in myself.
Do you have any pets?
-I do have one kitten yes.
What is your favorite brand of leggings or apparel?
-Built Apparels tanks are my favorite and most functional. I’m a shorts girl I don’t feel as comfortable in leggings.
Do you bulk up or lean out ever?  Or do you just stay lean all year around for Instagram?
-I am never really lean, I never actually have abs either. I prefer to have the more “thick and healthy” look so I can still train how I want and in turn eat how I want.
Do you take any testosterone supplements?
-No never.
Do you do any other sports or hobbies?
-At this time no, I would love to get into boxing I always had an interest in it so that is something I am trying to pursue now as well.
Thank you Nadia Amy for the interview!!