The following article is a list of the top 10 protein powder manufacturers in the world for 2020. A protein powder manufacturer is a company that products dietary protein powders for food, infant, sports nutrition, and medical use. Protein powder is a billion-dollar business. Protein powder usage among fitness-minded enthusiasts is increasing year over year. Protein powder manufacturers are ever-expanding their businesses to meet demands. Newer protein powders are being developed to meet consumers’ needs for alternative forms of protein, such as sustainable, vegan, and insect. The most popular protein powders are dairy proteins which are; whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, hydrolyzed whey protein, micellar casein, calcium caseinate, sodium caseinate, milk protein isolate and milk protein concentrate. Vegetable proteins are very popular, as well. The most popular is soy, rice, and pea. After those, there are a few smaller niche vegan proteins such as chickpea, pumpkin, and Sachi Inka. There are other animal-based powders that protein powder manufacturers make, such as egg white, fish, and beef. All of these proteins mentioned are typically made by a protein powder manufacturer that makes only one or two types of protein. Therefore I will list the top protein powder manufacturers in the world.  

protein powder manufacturer


Agropur is a Canadian base dairy company that has been around since the early 20th century. They produced whey protein powders from cheese. Their most popular brand is BiPro, which was once owned by Davisco Foods. BiPro is an ion exchange whey protein isolate. It is 98% protein making it the highest protein and BCAA content of all whey protein powders. If one is looking for the highest protein and BCAA content in a whey protein BiPro is it. 

Glanbia Nutritionals

Glanbia Nutritionals is an Irish company that produces several types of protein powders. They are based in Illinois and carry a wide variety of other nutrients and vitamins. Provon 290 is one of their most popular whey protein isolate’s that is produced using the micro/ultrafiltration method. Glanbia Nutritionals also makes several niche and specialized protein powders such as Prolibara for weight loss and GroPlex for muscle mass.  

Mullins Whey

Mullins Whey is a small protein powder manufacturer based in Wisconsin founded in the early 20th century. They pride themselves on being a 4th generation whey protein company. They produce mainly whey protein isolate using the micro/ultrafiltration method. The whey protein they provide is made from fresh cheese.  

Milk Specialties Global

Milk Specialties is a large global protein powder manufacturer of whey protein isolates, concentrates, hydrolysates, and milk protein. They are headquarters in Minnesota but have protein powder manufacturing facilities in the midwest and California. They offer blending and contract packaging services for sports nutrition distributors. Their CEO has been in the protein powder business for a few decades and has vast experience in protein manufacturing.  

Hilmar Cheese

Hilmar Cheese was founded in 1984 by several families that run cheese manufacturing plants. Hilmar is a large company and sells to well over 50 countries around the globe. They have manufacturing facilities in California and Texas. Hilmar offers whey protein isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate. They also produce many types of cheese products. This protein powder manufacturer uses the ultra microfiltration method to product its whey protein powders.  


Fonterra is a New Zealand company and probably one of the biggest manufacturers of protein powder, specifically whey protein concentrate and isolate. They are responsible for about 30% of the world’s dairy products. Fonterra whey protein powders are grass-fed and hormone-free. Fonterra is a co-operative dairy business, which means they have farms throughout the country that contribute to dairy production.  


Saputa is one of the top 10 protein powder manufacturers in the world. Saputa is a Canadian company founded in Montreal, Canada. In 1997 Saputa became a publicly-traded company under the symbol SAP.  

Over the years, Saputo has acquired over 32 companies, including companies from South American, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Fun fact about Saputa is that the founder was one of the main driving forces of the popularity of pizza in North American.  


Volac is a British company that was founded in the 1970s by Dick Lawes and Philip Paxman. They are one of the top protein powder manufacturers in the world, with offices in Italy and other European countries. Volac sells three different protein powders, such as whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate at 90% protein, and whey protein isolate at 94% protein. This company sells a wide variety of animal products as well. Volac claims to be one of the pioneers of ultrafiltration for the production of whey protein powders. 


Lactalis was founded in 1937 and might arguably be the world’s most significant dairy cooperation. They have offices all over the world. They sell some of North America’s most popular cheeses. As far as protein powders are concerned, they sell whey protein isolate and concentrate made from cheese. However, they also make a whey protein concentrate and isolate made directly from milk called Pronative.  

Land O Lakes

Land O Lakes is an American co-op dairy company founded in 1921. They are owned by over 1900 farmers across all 50 U.S. states. Land O Lakes claim to fame is the invention of a calf replacer milk in 1951. Because Land O Lakes is a dairy company, of course, they product whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.