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rad 140

Testolone (RAD 140) is the hottest compound in the family of selective androgen receptor modulators, or as they are better known – SARMS. So, its important advantage over anabolic steroids is that it offers similar positive outcomes, with side effects that are hardly any whatsoever. Indeed, this really is rather an unique compound, even when it is compared to other SARMS, and in this post we shall review the most fascinating facets of RAD 140.

RAD 140 (Radarine) – a non-steroidal SARMs bioactive , contributing to a focused increase in muscle mass, as well as improve the endurance and power of individual indicators. The drug carries the stimulation of muscle growth, without causing a negative effect on the liver, nervous and reproductive system. RAD 140 has beneficial effects on metabolism and promotes regeneration of damaged tissues.

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  • increase endurance, speed and strength during high-intensity exercise;
  • effective set of muscle mass without a rollback phenomenon;
  • raising the general tone of the organism;
  • fat-burning effect.


  • equally highly effective for both sexes;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • It prevents biochemical and physiological neuronal damage;
  • NOT affect the hormonal balance;
  • It does not have a negative effect on the liver;
  • Not toxic;
  • DO NOT have irreversible side effects.


As mentioned previously, Testolone (RAD 140) is the most current SARM, and the primary authority / official study reporting the discovery of this compound was published in 2010. Thus, investigations made on RAD140 are rare, so we can solely rely on user reports and them. The name of the SARM comes from the company name which is developing it Radius Health.


In the studies including RAD 140, also called Testolone, testing was carried out mainly on monkeys and mice. On the other hand, the results of these studies have demonstrated to be quite promising. For example, it was shown that RAD 140 has the unique property of countering the prostate enlargement due to testosterone use, helping to make it an ideal piling agent for exceptionally Androgenic steroids that may cause this undesirable result / effect.

Additionally, when Testolone was given to monkeys, there was a critical escalation in lean weight throughout the government period. This increase in lean mass was dependent, so with dosages that are bigger there was a more pronounced increase in lean mass and lack of fat tissues. Consequently, testolone is a true SARM with all the properties which are expected from mixtures with this type safety and effectiveness.

How it Works:

Just like the remaining SARMS, testolone has a particular manner of actions, which enables it to have anabolic effects with no side effects normally found with anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). These side effects include head baldness, suppression of natural testosterone production, prostate enlargement, and many more. It will not activate these receptors in the rest of the body, although what this means is that RAD140 interacts with the androgenic receptors in the muscle tissues and bones. Because of this, we get anabolic effects that are distinct, but without quelling and side effects, which opens new possibilities for medical uses of the compound as an alternative to testosterone. What is more, as a result of particular manner of actions, RAD140 is not dangerous for females also, As it will not cause clitoris development, or virilization.

RAD140 compared to testosterone:

Testosterone is regarded as the perfect comparison template in terms of anabolic and androgenic effects of different compounds In this regard, RAD 140 has an impressive ratio of 90:1. This means that it’s nearly as anabolic as testosterone is, but it lacks the androgenic effects, which will be a very positive thing, since most of the side effects related to steroid use come from their androgenic effects.

Along with that, it is often ascertained which you would need 40% more of testosterone for exactly the same muscle development as with RAD140, and it’d take 60 times more of RAD 140 to begin revealing associated side effects to any prostate.

Regarding the affinity to androgen receptors, studies show that it has approximately 30% of the affinity found with testosterone, and almost exactly the same affinity as dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Neuroprotective properties of RAD140:

This is known by few people: testosterone and DHT have a natural ability have favorable effects on general health that is neural and to maintain neurons. Hence, it isn’t astonishing that most neurodegenerative afflictions, including the Alzheimer’s disease, take place in those with androgenic want. Yet, using significant dosages of testosterone may pose other health risks as it’ll cause specific side effects. In the meantime, it’s been scientifically established that RAD140 applies the same effects in the brain, making it an exceptionally useful compound for the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. Additionally, cell death will be dramatically reduced by RAD140 after suffering a stroke. Although these neuro-protective properties do not carry an immediate gain for bodybuilding purposes, they’re a quite welcome characteristic.

Side Effects:

One of the most appealing facets of RAD 140, and all of the SARMS in general, May be the lack of unwanted effects, producing them a few of the best performance-enhancing medicines (PED) nowadays. As previously mentioned above, RAD140 won’t cause reduction / suppression, nor will it cause the side effects typically associated to steroids. What is more, in spite of being compounds that are oral, SARMS is RAD140 are not liver toxic, and so. Lastly, testolone will not socialize with the aromatase-enzyme, so there will be no estrogenic side effects when using it as a standalone PED, or with other non-aromatizing compounds.

Dosages and appropriate use:

The recommended dosages of RAD 140 vary from twenty to thirty milligrams (mgs) per day, and the ideal cycle duration is 12-14 weeks.

As a research chemical, RAD140 should come to be taken. It is necessary to drop the liquid directly into the mouth, as it may stick to the walls of the glass if combined with liquids. You are able to chase it down after dropping it into the mouth. Because of the long half life, RAD140 can be dosed just once daily, and there is no must be taking it many times every day.


RAD140 is the newest improvement to the line of SARMS, where it reflects with anabolic properties that are quite powerful, and exceptionally moderate side effects. Because of this safety, RAD140 will be a perfect match in PED batch or any steroid, and it’ll undoubtedly be an incredibly beneficial compound to use with exceptionally androgenic steroids, since it is going to prevent prostate enlargement. Moreover, testolone has yet another advantage over most PED it’s a legal compound that are available as a research chemical. All in all, testolone is an unbeatable PED today, since it is going to raise strength, recovery, endurance, and muscles.

rad 140