Sandra Prikker was born in the Netherlands in 1990.  At the age of 14 she was on a path to becoming a professional kickboxer.  

Unfortunately, at the age of 22, she suffered a major injury due to a burning accident.  The result of this injury forced to quit the sport she had been focusing on for more than 10 years.  At the time of the accident, her contract was also up for renewal. Since she did not know the length of her recovery she was not able to renew her contract.  

sandra prikker

Not only did Sandra Prikker have to focus on healing, but she also needed to find a job.  

I have found an online questions and answers that Sandra Prikker did on video and this is what she said:

Questions And Answers with Sandra

  1.  She met her boyfriend about 6 years ago.  She met him in the gym and they both did some double dates and found they liked each other.
  2. Her favorite treat is chocolate, lots of it
  3. Her parents are from the Netherlands
  4. The best way to lose weight is adjust your diet she stated
  5. Money cannot buy her love.
  6. She hits her protein target by eating a lot of protein bars which have about 20 grams of protein each.  Then pancakes that have protein.
  7. Her favorite thing to do after sex is cuddle.
  8. She would not date a guy without muscles.  She does not like bodybuilders.  It is about the lifestyle and healthy living.  She does not like the steroid look.
  9. She is not religious, she grew up an atheist.
  10. She would love to try MMA, like fighting another influencer and
  11. She does not know her boob size
  12. Her source of motivation is knowing that her fans watch her.  That keeps her on the edge.
  13. She like arm workouts the most
  14. Her maximum squat is 90 kilograms
  15. Her favorite drink is Pina colada
  16. She loves her aussie dog because it is loyal like her men
  17. She does not like Santa Clause
  18. She prefers gym over yoga
  19. Her tatoo on herself is about herself and character traits
  20. She has no piercings
  21. She works out about 5 times a week.
  22. She’s been a vegan for about 4 months
  23. She microblades her eye browns from lady in LA
  24. She does not like heavy metal music.
  25. She’s been training for 7 years
  26. She has a boob job
  27. Her favorite country is Brazil
  28. Fake people annoy her
  29. She loves scary movies
  30. She waxes
  31. She is not a virgin
  32. She moved to Amsterdam because of her partner that she is in love with.
  33. She stated that she has had sex with both men and women, thus making her bi sexual.

Sandra Prikker’s Positive Attitude

Through a painful recovery period, Sandra maintained a very positive attitude.  Through every step she would not let herself dwell on the negatives. She is a perfect example of how positive energy can overcome any obstacle.

She did not give up.  

Fitness Journey

In 2013 Sandra Prikker began her fitness journey.  At first she just wanted to maintain the body she developed with her kickboxing.   She had limited knowledge on fitness training and was not seeing much success.

She found this very frustrating and new she needed help.   That is when she reached out and hired a personal trainer. Her trainer worked with her to set up with a solid diet and training plan.  That is when she started to see progress. This progress made her want to take fitness training further.

Since then, Sandra Prikker has become an Online Celebrity and Personal Trainer.

Online Sensation

In 2016 Sandr Prikker turned to Instagram to post her story and her fitness progress.  She quickly became an online success story. She acquired more than a million followers in less than 6 months.  This popularity made her step up her game. She started helping others by becoming a personal trainer.


In terms of weight training – Sandra Prikker likes to keep it heavy.   She does 3 sets of 8 reps. If she feels that she needs to up her tempo, she will add in some drop sets during her workout.  

Although she prefers HIIT training for cardio, she follows principles that have proven to work.  

She sets a goal of burning 300 calories in a 15-20 minute time span.  It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as she burns those 300 calories.


Sandra Prikker combines her training with a very strict diet.  This includes eating fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, complex carbs and lean protein.  Of course, she avoids all oily foods.

To keep her metabolism high and promote muscle growth she will eat 5 times a day.

She supplements her diet with multivitamins and minerals, Omega 3, Vitamin C, Green Tea, BCAA’s and fat burners.   You can find information about her supplements on many of her social sites.

Online Fitness Model

Not only can you find Sandra Prikker on Instagram but many other social platforms as well.   

You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.  

She also has many of her workouts posted on YouTube along with vlogs.   

Sandra Prikker is endorsed by a variety of nutrient supplement companies that sell things like protein powder.  

Sandra Prikker is sponsored by Shredz Athlete.  

She also designs clothing for Body Engineer.


Recently Kenny KO did a video on whether she did performance-enhancing drugs.  He posted a video of her that allegedly shows her buying growth hormone.  Some guy in the video said it is all true.  Kenny KO said he was not 100% sure.