Who Is Steve Cook?

Steve Cook is a fitness celebrity. He has about 2.3 million followers on Instagram. From reading his Instagram it looks like he is working for the clothing line Gymshark. Gymshark sells fitness clothes. Steve Cook used to participate in bodybuilding contests.

Questions and Answers.

  1. What’s the most important thing competitors need to remember when it comes to posing?

Steve says that he really loves the posing part of men’s physique competitions. Steve thinks that it is good because you get a chance to show off your physique. In addition, you get to show off your personality and let it shine through. However, one thing that Steve stresses is that you have to practice a lot. Practice in front of the mirror and practice in front of a video camera. Sometimes you can even close your eyes and open them and see how you look. By doing this you can see how every angle looks on your body. This will help you minimize your weaknesses and emphasize your strengths. Practice this technique over and over again until you are satisfied on how you will perform. The more you practice the more confidence you will have and the judges will feel it and it will be awesome. The most important thing to remember though is to have fun.

2. What is the most beneficial time of the day to workout?

Steve says this one is kind of tricky because he is not the type of person that wakes up and goes and hits the gym. Steve prefers to have food in his stomach before he works out. He does not have a protein shake and goes to the gym to train. The best time that Steve likes to workout is mid-morning

However if you cannot workout mid-morning like Steve does and you really do not like to workout, you should workout right when you wake up to get it out of the way because he thinks that it is really easy to blow off your workout after a long day of work, or if you have to pick up your kids from your ex-wife’s house or maybe even you want to hand out with your girlfriend. But keep in mind that there is really no right time to work out. Whenever the best time is for you and only you can decide for yourself when is the best time. But you can do what Steve does and that is get a meal or two in before training.

What is Steve’s Supplement Stack?

When Steve is reducing his body fat he likes to try to keep as much muscle as possible using supplements, but that does not change much throughout the year. Sometimes Steve goes completely off supplements all together during the month of December because he likes to take a break. Steve sticks to the basics when it comes to supplements. He usually gets his CLA and his fish oil. Then Steve usually adds L-Carnitine to his creatine to help with muscle volume. All the products he takes are Optimum Nutrition where you can find his favorite stacks as well. Steve takes protein powder which he does not even consider that a supplement, he considers that a food. Steve considers that an extension of his diet.

When it comes to recommending the AMOUNT of protein Steve recommends two grams to two and a half grams of protein per pound of body weight. So if you weigh 200 pounds your going to need at least 400 grams of protein.

What Are Steve Cook’s favorite ab exercises?

Most people think they can spot reduce and remove abdominal fat but that is competely wrong. You cannot spot fat reduce a certain area. But the diet is the way to get a six pack. Steve recommends eating properly and training your ab muscles and you’ll be able to see them with hard work.

Steve likes to tell his followers that everyone is going to lose bodyfat differently and at different rates. He says that females will usually tend to hold onto a little more body fat in their legs and their glutes. For men, Steve says that they hold onto fat in their abdomens. Therefore Steve recommends to make sure your calories are at a below what you normally eat and then you will lose body fat. Steve states that building muscles is completely different from losing body fat. Once you lose the body fat then you will see your abs.

How Does Steve Cook Meal Prep?

Steve says that he will typically meal prep for 3 days. Steve says that he will typically meal prep for 3 days. If he ever happens to have more than that, it’ll be kept in his freezer. Steve personally likes to cook every three days or so since he likes fresh food. He likes to typically cook breakfast and dinner if there’s the time. Steve hypothesizes that if he can prep 21 meals, it’s too much to ask for. So, his technique is to food prep for three to four day

What book has inspired Steve Cook?

Case for Christ is a book that he has read. It breaks down a lot of things historically. It has a lot of biblicaly stuff. Steve says biblical stuff helps him out and he does not care what anyone things about that. Steve mostly reads for fun and he says it is easy to start reading a book but harder to finish.

Any tips to stay motivated while dieting?

Steve says that nobody is perfect in life and everyone is going to do stuff that is not right. Dieting is the same thing. If you think your diet is going to be perfect it is not going to happen says Steve. Steve says that you cannot be all or nothing. He says that is OK to do the best that you can do. Be the best that you can do. Sometimes that means having some ice cream or having more macros. You have to allow yourself to not be perfect and realize that you are human. It is human to want to cheat. Do not beat yourself up. Your brain will automatically want the bad foods. Change how you feel about yourself when you go off your diet.

What’s the deal with Steve Cooks beard?

Steve thinks his beard is itchy and does not really like it.

What is the biggest most important thing you have learned recently?

Steve said it is to trust his instincts. He said when he has a hunch then he will react to it. Doing something 100% is the name of the game. If there is anything that he can teach himself it is stop trying to be perfect. You are going to make mistakes. If you live a long life you are going to make a lot of wrong decsions. Are you going to live with them or are you going to right the ship so to speak. Whatever it is if you feel that than do it!

What is the best bicep builder?

Standard barbell curl. Whether it is the dumbell or barbell. Look at it from different angles. STeve says it is impossible to overtrain your arms, and just take a look at male gymnastics, those guys have huge biceps. Steve used to train his arms 4 days a week or pretty much every day.

Whats a good way to avoid a rotator cuff injury?

Warm up the shoulder before you exercise. Get into the gym and work on the mobility

How big of a meal do you recommend before working out?

Steve will eat about 45 minutes before working out. It will usually be about 30 grams of protein and about 30 grams of carbs. It is usually egg whites and oatmeal or a protein powder and oatmeal. Sometimes he’ll use BCAA powder.

How do you tone your stomach?

Steve says that you cannot spot fat reduce. If you want toned abs it is diet. But also try to reduce stress which will in turn reduce cortisol.

What city is your favorite Gymshark meet up?

Steve favorite city is Birmingham England because it was so lit and it is Gymsharks headquarters. He said Toronto and Sydney were awesome as well.

What is your favorite sports team?

Denver Broncos and his least favorite is the New England Patriots.

When will you be back on stage?

Steve said that he probably won’t do it because you have to use steroids or “sauced up”

What do you like better In or Out or Chick Filet?

Steve Cook said Chick Filet but he enjoys In and Out burger better.

What is your favorite thing about Austrailia?

Austrailia is awesome because it is like California because it has better ocean, beaches, less traffic, he calls it the Disneyland of California.

What type of dog do you have?

Steve has a red fawn French Bulldog. Steve bought his dog from a place in Utah.

Will Steve Cook ever do strong man training?


When are you coming out with a new Gym Shark line of clothes?

He will come out with a line soon. He is working with Gymshark recently to come out with some new clothes

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