TESTOFEN — The Number One Testosterone Booster is BOGUS?

TESTOFEN — The Number One Testosterone Booster is BOGUS?

Natural testosterone boosters have been around for a long time.  Way back in the 1990’s supplement companies claimed all sorts of exotic herbs increased testosterone but scientific testing squashed those theories.  Then came prohormones, but they carried the same side effects of steroids but without the dramatic results.  Then things got a little more serious.  Some supplement companies (but not many) actually had researchers that investigated the results of herbal extracts to see which were effective and which weren’t and today, we known of effective ingredients. There are products that work — some better than others.  But the market is still vulnerable to promotion over productivity.  Sometimes an item catches on, be it from clever advertising or a huge push on social media.  They may be no better than dozens of other products, but that’s how popularity works.  Yet as an athlete, you want the best — not,  just the most popular.

A result of this craze of viral inspired advertising is a product that has really taken off. It’s called TESTOFEN and it’s one of the biggest selling testosterone boosters on the market among men over 40. But how good is it really? Are the effects just placebo?  Are the results nil, but people take it as an act of hope and desperation?  Or are sales high because the attraction is so appealing and widespread and men are desperate for any advantage they can get?   Maybe they stop buying it after a few purchases once they realize it doesn’t do anything and the company just counts on new sales from new customers until everyone catches on, sales tank and the company folds?

The way to tell if a product is good is to go with one that is repurchased over the course of months and years.    And from a reputable company.  Such products do exist.

This isn’t opinion, speculation or a biased review.  Let’s be objective and take a look at what matters — ingredients! 

Testofen gets it’s name from it’s main ingredient —  Fenuside sapiens, also known as “testofen.”) It’s from the herb Fenugreek. That’s an herb in a lot of testosterone supplements and it’s a perfect example of how so many companies do so little research. They just copy each other.  The evidence on Fenugreek raising testosterone is scant. Though giving it the benefit of the doubt, it may produce a slight increase for a short while – barely enough to make a noticeable difference.  But there’s a catch.   Fenugreek has been used in Chinese medicine and in herbal therapy for decades as…wait for it…an aid for lactating mothers to produce more breast milk.  And guess what…in that regard, it works.  Fenugreek has been scientifically proven to increase breast milk. It does so by increasing prolactin. Prolactin is like Kryptonite to bodybuilders!   It’s natures way of assuring mothers nurse their babies by lowering libido and inducing lactation.  To the bodybuilder that mean lowered sex drive and potential puffy nipples. It’s the LAST thing you should be taking!!!   That shows you how clueless some of these supplement companies are.

While fenugreek’s effect on anabolic and androgenic hormones is unproven, its effect on prolactin secretion, blood sugar levels and insulin are well established because of compounds known as galactagogues.  Since it’s a phytoestrogen it also imparts other “feminizing” effects, such as abdominal bloating and overall water retention.

So though it may be arguably what products are better than others but one thing you DO NOT want to take is Fenugreek!  As for what works best,  the answer is pretty clear cut — something that has scientific evidence, is non suppressive, and has a track record of years of returning users.   In regard to those recommendations, there’s nothing better than UNLEASHED.  It’s the proven leader of testosterone supplements because it works in ways no other products do.  UNLEASHED naturally blocks the enzyme that prevent testosterone from being active in older men, allowing for more natural testosterone to be released. It works WITH the body to do what it does naturally instead of attempting to “trick” the body into  making more temporary testosterone or by adding it artificially and thus causing suppression.

UNLEASHED is also the unparalleled leader in sexual enhancement, both in terms of libido and erectile function. It’s a three-pronged arsenal of ultra-masculinity!   And that’s why it’s regarded as the number one supplement among advanced bodybuilders and has more re-sale orders than other testosterone boosters. It’s also on its way to quickly becoming the preferred supplement choice of men over 40.

Before releasing UNLEASHED studies were done to show the effect on how well it increased bioavailable testosterone and the average was 20%.  (Some more, some a little less).   An independent study was conducted by a website called Low Testosterone Cure.Org where they used subject to test the efficacy of various T boosting products over the course of one month. This was, presumably, to discredit the claims.  As expected, most products did nothing to raise testosterone EXCEPT, and surprisingly (to them, not us,) UNLEASHED did indeed raise free Testosterone!  19.7 % to be exact.  (Okay, a smidgeon less than the Protein Factory tests).

Increases in strength were also reported. And though the pro-sexual boost was not “officially”  gauged the empirical opinion was that it does what it says in a big way!   Right there that speaks volumes. NO OTHER PRODUCT came close to doing what it claimed. UNLEASHED passed with flying colors.  And, of course, it is 100% side effect free.  (Unless you consider the added benefit of lowered cholesterol a “side effect”).

Supplements come and go,  and only the strong survive.   Along the way there will always be something that makes big promises.  It’s okay to keep an open mind but it’s even better to be informed.   Pass on the Testofen. And if you haven’t tried UNLEASHED, you’re doing yourself a disservice.  Order some today and feel what it’s really like to have more testosterone!