Quite a number of people struggle with weight management. They would try to do all sorts of diets
and still not experience the weight loss they are looking for. Sometimes losing weight does not have
to be so hard. You just need the right tips to follow so that you can burn fat and lose body fat.
So, what is the fastest way to lose fat?
Most people think it is all about dieting and starving yourself. However, there is more to losing weight
fast while still being safe. That is what we discuss in this guide.

What is The Fastest Way To Lose Fat?

Weight gain is barely noticeable for most people. That is why they also have a hard time losing
weight. Using fat-burning supplements without changing your lifestyle may not always help in
reducing body fat. Make sure to follow these tips to make your weight loss sustainable.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Blanca Garcia, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist revealed that intermittent fasting can be one of the
best ways for the body to achieve fat breakdown and still keep it off.
Depending on the type of intermittent fasting, what you can be sure of is lower calorie intake. So
long as fewer calories are coming in, the body now burns fat for energy. This fat-burning activity is
what leaves you with an improved weight loss process.
Try intermittent fasting today and maintain it for several months. Expect your body weight to change
significantly over the few months you try intermittent fasting.

Follow A High Protein Diet

Proteins have mostly been associated with muscle mass. So, if you want to maintain muscle mass
even when fasting, consider using more protein-rich foods. The proteins are also good at keeping
your appetite low and the calories also low. The result is that you do not need to keep eating all the
Some studies showed how a high protein diet would also help boost metabolism: with more
metabolism, you can also boost the fat-burning process. The same study still shows how protein can
increase muscle mass other than helping boost fat-burning processes.
Do not forget the healthy fats too. They can help in making you feel full for longer. As such, you will
not be eating more often.

Cut Down On Refined Carbs

You can enhance fat burning and reduce body weight in general.
The first thing to losing belly fat includes cutting the number of refined carbs in your diet to promote
weight loss and lose belly fat fast. Refined carbs would have a high glycemic index which would
spike blood sugars, making it hard for weight loss maintenance.

Speed Up Your Fat Burn Process

You need to find a way to boost the fat-burning process to lose body fat. One of the methods would
be aerobic exercise. Get yourself to the gym and do more cardio to decrease belly fat and improve
your body mass index and keep losing fat too.
Another way to start losing body fat would be by drinking coffee. Yes, even coffee can help in
stimulating the central nervous system and increase metabolism too.
You may also consider fat-burning supplements for experiencing decreased body fat. The
information found on www.healthcanal.com/life-style-fitness/best-fat-burner indicates that these
supplements are made to increase fat-burning hormones so that you can burn fat quickly. Just make
sure you are using safe supplements that can maintain your weight loss process.

Take High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Other than eating more protein-rich foods and doing aerobic exercises; you should definitely
consider high-intensity interval training or HIIT. This type of exercise is good for increasing fat
burning and maintaining weight loss.
You will definitely have to consider weight lifting too. So far, studies show that you can burn 30%
more fat
with HIIT workouts compared to jogging or cycling within the same amount of time.

Cheat On Your Diet

Claims on ways to lose weight include looking into your diet and enjoying it. The problem with people
interested in how to lose body fat is they mostly end up being too strict that they find it hard to
maintain their diets.
However, you can prevent weight gain and burn body fat if you can plan your meals better. Focus
more on filling meals. They will help you manage consistent weight loss and prevent weight gain.
Sometimes you can end up craving something sweet. Rather than taking sodas, consider using
natural sweeteners such as stevia that are low in calories and still satisfy your need for something


Looking at the methods above for burning fat, you can see that they are simple lifestyle changes you
can also do on your own. We recommend you start by changing your diet and include more proteins
rather than refined carbs and processed foods. This means you are not eating more calories as
before. Also, it is a faster way to lose fat consistently. If you can follow these methods, expect to
reduce the body fat percentage faster.