This Doctor Recommends Doing This For Muscle Gains That Most People Never Do

OMG, there are a ton of bodybuilding workouts on the internet.  No a bazillion!  However you cannot forget the fundamentals.  Nothing beats fundamentals.  I’ve coached my share of sports, and have played baseball and hockey.  Still play ice hockey!  Anyway, you always have to remember your fundamentals.  Like baseball for example.  Fundamental baseball is keep your eye on the ball, whether your hitting or fielding a ground ball.  Forget the fancy new bat or the shiny new glove.  If you dont keep your eye on the ball youre never going to hit it.  So dont forget about the fundamentals of muscle building.

Forget the machines, forget the exercise plan, forget all that stuff, fundamental lifts are the best. Click To Tweet  I see too many people in the gym I go to..called WOW (workout world) …totally sucks btw.  That place has more machines then free weights.  One lousy squat rack….But anyway to many people just dont do the fundamental movements.  They’ll use this machine, that machine etc etc.  If you want to build muscle or tone up you need to do the following:

[wpsharely]Chest= barbell bench

Legs= Squat

Biceps= curls


Shoulder=military press


Hamstrings=Stiff legged deadlifts

This aint my opinion though, it comes from Dr. Carlon Colker.  Everyone should get this book called Extreme Muscle Enhancement….from beginner to expert.  It contains a wealth of bodybuilding knowledge.  And what I like about it the most is that it no…”60 day mind blowing cutting edge ..never before used bodybuilding technique plan!”.  It is fundamental bodybuilding.[/wpsharely]