3 Reasons Why Proteinfactory Is The Best Supplement Company In The World

I’ve been in the supplement business for almost 20 years.  Ahhh the memories….from Bodybuilding.com trashing us and post bogus lab tests, photographers scamming me with bogus lawsuits, people breaking into my building with malicious intent, exploding barrels of flax oil powder, fist fights in Vegas, old ladies trying to sexually molest me at the Arnold Classic, trips to Europe, and whatever else I may have forgotten.  It has been one helluva journey.  Time seems to have gone by very quickly, but when I look back at the evolution of the supplement industry it is still in the dark ages.  And to be quite frank, the Proteinfactory.com, my company is still the best company in the industry.  Yea yea, I know what you are thinking…every supplement company on the planet says they are the best, including that their products are the best.  So let me state my case, why this little company at the Jersey Shore is the best supplement company in the world.

In order to prove to you that Proteinfactory.com is the best supplement company in the world, first, you need to understand how supplements get made.  Most newbs think that the companies whose name is on the label of a particular supplement is actually making the supplement for them.  They think that they have scientists walking around in lab coats formulating these products and testing them in some sort of high tech lab.

The supplement buyer pictures something like this…


Let me tell you something right now…NOTHING like this EVER happens.  You can’t even get supplement companies to properly label their supplements, what makes you think that they are going to conduct lab tests like this?

Supplements are made by someone like yourself.  You don’t need a college degree, or even a high school diploma to make supplements.  All you need to do is find a contract packager to make them for you and they will.  And that is what 99% of the supplement companies out there do.  It is super easy to make your own supplement line.  And that is what has been going on for the last 30 years.  Everyone and their grandmother comes out with their own line of supplements.  You can actually do a little research if you wanted to.  Simply going to natural product insider.com or nutra ingredients.com will help you select certain ingredients that you may want to consider.

This leads to a problem though…..NOTHING new ever comes out…EVER.  I went over to bodybuilding.com and look at the top 50 supplements they have listed.


As you can see the top 4 is whey protein, which has been around now for 30 YEARS!!!  Wrap that around your head, 30 YEARS!!.  After that is BCAA’s, which has been around for almost 40 years.  FORTY FREAKIN YEARS!!  Next Creatine, again, about 25 years this supplement has been around!!  This tells you that the supplement industry has been going NOWHERE since about 1995.

Why is this the case?  Where are all the new supplements?  The answer to that lies in the one simple fact that there is no one smart enough to create a natural supplement that helps build muscle.  It was not until Dr. Colker and myself created the world’s first powder with naturally occurring follistatin.  And quite honestly, it was very weak to say the least.  Yes, some studies proved that it did build muscle mass, but I took massive amounts of the stuff and I did not see any results.  Keep in mind however that I am still working on this project.

But where are all the other supplement companies who are supposed to be creating new products?  Not sure really.  It is hard for me to believe that I am the only supplement company that works on creating new supplements.  However after about almost 20 years in this business I have come to realize that I AM the only supplement company that looks to create new products.

REASON #1 My company is the best:  We actually CREATE new products.

Now just yesterday someone called me up and we were talking about recovery because he was into some martial arts like kung-fu or something..lol..but anyway he says, “What about BCAA’s?”.  And then I went into my speech about how free form amino acids, including the free form amino acids Leucine, valine, and isoleucine, which are the BCAA’s, are essentially garbage.  Read more here. There is not ONE reason to use free form amino acids, unless you are allergic or something to all powders forms of protein, including rice protein and pea protein.  Yes, I still recommend rice and pea protein over free form amino acids.

However, why the hell is a BCAA supplement ranked #2 right after whey protein?  One reason and one reason only…the supplement industry.  For the last 40 freakin years, supplements companies have been convincing their customers that BCAA supplements will help them build muscle and recover better.  Why not right?  This way they can sell them their 2 lbs of whey protein concentrate, their BCAA supplement, their L-Glutamine, their pre-workout, their intr workout, and whatever else bullshit they want to sell them.

When someone calls Proteinfactory.com or texts me for supplement advice (text 732-901-9600),  the situation is quite different.  Take the conversation I had with this person yesterday.  Usually, I tell people, YES if you are looking to build more muscle buy some protein powder.  Why?  A bunch of reasons.  #1 the quality.  Without question, the higher quality protein you put into your body, the better chance you will have to build muscle.  If you’re stuck at a plateau, try something really high quality like the Peptopro.  Have you ever seen a study done on people that could not gain muscle that has been lifting for 10, 15, 20 years???  No, you haven’t.  That is where I come in and my company.  I help people do exactly that, break through that plateau and build new muscle.  Because it is a FACT, eventually you will STOP growing.  You don’t see anyone walking around 500 lbs of muscle, do you?  The biggest guys right now are the juice heads…quite frankly, I don’t think they should be promoting or recommending supplements.  I think it is very deceptive because some people might think that the supplements they are endorsing helped them get that big.  Meanwhile, it is because of them using massive amounts of steroids.

THEN after I recommend a particular protein powder I tell them CARBS is a must.  Blend up some fruit and veggies.  After that, I might recommend some Creapure and a high-end protein.

REASON #2 Why my company is the best:  I don’t recommend bullshit supplements just to sell you something…i.e.  I’m not a freakin sales person like every other supplement company and every other guy working behind the counter at GNC

I like to remind people about something that most people forget about.  And that is your health and some little unknown disease called cancer.  For some reason, muscle seekers seem to have lost their way about a simple relationship between health and building muscle.  If your body is healthy then you have a better chance at building muscle.  Health equates to positive muscle protein synthesis.  Stress, caffeine, amphetamines, artificial ingredients, artificial colors, nitrates, soy, sugar, cortisol, depression, no exercise, low testosterone, alcohol, all lead you down the path of future health problems, without a doubt.  You have to be aware of the artificial ingredients in your supplements that could lead to health problems.  Think about it, day after day, month after month, and year after year, you have people consuming supplements with soy, artificial ingredients, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, Chinese made ingredients, and amphetamines like caffeine, DMAA, and whatever else supplement companies put in their products.  These supplement companies prey on newbie’s on two of their desires…something that is sweet to the taste, and something that gets them that “jacked up” feeling.  It still amazes me to this day, but MOST supplement consumers base their decision to use a supplement based on taste.  I look at the reviews on bodybuilding.com on protein powders and all everyone does is talk about taste.  Head over to the pre-workout supplements and all people do it talk about how much it got them wired.

You have to be SMARTER than that my fellow readers.


There is not one good thing about sweeteners.  Sugar is NOT meant to be consumed by the human body.  There is not one positive thing about sugar.  And spare me trying to sell me on high GI carbs like dextrose as being good for post workout.  It is NOT, this is just another supplement scam.  Obviously artificial sweeteners were meant to replace sugar so that calories would not have to be consumed.  However, I am convinced that artificial sweeteners can cause cancer.  AND again, there is not one benefit from consuming them.  They are simply consumed to satisfy your need for something sweet.  It is time to MAN UP and stop being a baby about drinking a protein shake that tastes like a milkshake.  I can tell you this, once you start to omit sweetness in your diet, after about 3 months of NOT consuming sweeteners, and then you consume them…you’re going to be like OMG, disgusting!!  Especially artificial sweeteners, you will taste the chemicals in them, I swear!

In addition, people will ask me about SARMS, prohormones, and other grey market supplements.  100% of the time I tell my customers NOT to use them.  Why, I would rather have 10lbs of less muscle, then get cancer or something else from them in the future.

Reason #3 why I’m the best supplement company:  I care about my customers’ health, and I’m honest about the products I sell.

In conclusion, from what I have analyzed, there is not one single supplement company that conducts business like we do at Proteinfactory.com.  Most supplement companies are just marketing companies really.  Just trying to figure out how to make their labels look pretty.  My company, I focus on creating new and better products to help people be healthy and gain some muscle.