All About Anabolic Fasting


Anabolic fasting is a dietary approach that was created by doctor Mauro di Pasquale, who wanted to create a diet that would replicate the weight loss results achieved by taking powerful performance enhancing drugs. It’s actually a very simple carb-cycling diet, similar to Paleo diet, and even more to the HFLC (high fat,low carb) diet. It involves severely reducing the carbohydrate intake and replacing it with healthy fats such as flax oil, with two days out of the week used for „carb loading“. This way the body directly burns fats for energy, and it’s much easier to be in a caloric deficit.

Here are some books by Mauro di Pasquale

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In order to lose weight, we have to be in a caloric deficit, and vice-versa, if we want to gain weight we have to be in a caloric surplus. Before beginning any dietary regime it is important to count how many calories our body needs in order to maintain its current weight. Then if we decide to lose weight, we can cut down the caloric intake.

The best approach is to do it gradually, 200 calories being optimal. Once the body adjusts, then we can cut down for an additional 200 calories, and repeat this until our goal has been achieved.

This is the simple truth of losing weight. However, there are better and worse ways to go about it, considering the health effects and the pain of dieting. We don’t want to feel hungry when we are dieting, and we don’t want to limit ourselves to a boring, tasteless diet. This is where anabolic fasting comes in!


anabolic fasting

Anabolic fasting is a diet in which we cycle carbohydrates. That means minimizing the carbohydrate intake for a couple of days, and then eating carbs for a few days and repeating the same thing over again.

On the days that we don’t eat carbs, we replace them with more fats. This makes our body burn more calories because fats become the first source of fuel. Additionally, the body has a much bigger reserve of fats from which it can draw energy, than the small glycogen reserves, which means we will have a much easier time being a caloric deficit, and overall feeling less hungry throughout the day, as there will be far fewer insulin spikes which are the main hunger triggers.

This is a simple Anabolic Fasting approach; from Monday to Friday the diet would consist of 40% protein, in which you could use protein powder and 60% fats. On weekends the diet would be 30% protein, 60% carbs, 10% fats. Saturday and Sunday are known as carb-loading“ days on which the body’s glycogen reserves are again filled. This is important because it’s hard to eat many calories when carbs are left out of the diet for a prolonged period of time, which can lead to strength and muscle loss, despite of the high protein intake. This problem is very easily eliminated through carb-loading.

Anabolic Fasting approach to dieting is so popular because its a much more colorful and tasty way to lose fat or maintain a shredded physique. Instead of being limited to salads and chicken breast, you can eat bacon, eggs, cheese, almonds, and much more, while at the same time losing a ridiculous amount of fat.


For anyone interested in losing weight or simply look better while at the same time eating in an interesting and effective way, this is the best approach out there. Give Anabolic Fasting a try and experience the crazy results yourself.

You can get one of his books for free here.