Can’t Gain Weight? Here’s A Quick Trick To Gain Muscle Rapidly

Calories are the key to gain muscle mass.  If you are a skinny guy and/or ectomorph and cannot gain weight this is a great way to go it quickly.  You get calories and protein and NO SUGAR!  This is the way to gain weight my muscle challenged friends.  Chcolate Protein Ice Cream!!

It is easy to make.  Make sure you use my native whey isolate because this is what protein is needed to make this recipe really good.  I eat this at least once a day.  So freakin good.


1 c. Whole Milk

  1. c. Heavy Cream
  2. c. Truvia

2 t. Vanilla

2 T. Cocoa Powder

½ c. Native Whey Isolate



Mix Milk, Heavy Cream, Vanilla and Cocoa Powder. Blend Well. Add Protein Powder. Mix until soft peaks form. Put in freezer safe container. Freeze for 4-6 hours. Scoop and Enjoy!


Nutritional Information:

Entire Recipe Nutritional Facts/Recipe Yields 4 Servings


Calories 784

Fat: 54g

Carbs: 23g

Protein: 62g


Per Serving:

Calories 196

Fat: 13.5g

Carbs: 5.75g

Protein: 15.5g