Revolutionary Athlete Sponsorship Opportunity

The current way for an athlete to seek athlete sponsorship from a company is to reach out to them and say they are available for sponsorship. Once sponsored by a company, the company will typically pay them a monthly fee via contract—pretty basic stuff. However, has developed a more lucrative and revolutionary way for athletes to deal with athletic sponsorships. Athletes with an excellent social media presence, and many followers and fans can make more money than they typically would, compared to the current monthly fees they are used to getting. This article will describe this new type of athlete sponsorship for the cutting edge influencer. 

athlete sponsorship
Working with Proteinfactory for an athlete sponsorship is one of the most lucrative ways to monetize your influence and social media accounts.

Many athletes nowadays are seeking to monetize their influence on Instagram with sponsorships from companies. Many of these companies are supplement companies. Supplement companies play a big part in athlete sponsorships. The supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and many supplement companies can afford to pay their sponsored athletes a lot of money. However, supplement companies are not that generous and typically will “short change” the athlete. The Proteinfactory has recognized this and has created a new athlete sponsorship plan.

What One Gets With A Proteinfactory Athlete Sponsorship

The sponsored athletes will get compensated in the following ways.

1) Payment per month. Depending on the number of followers, engagement rate, and niche, it will determine the fee paid per month.  

2) Commission. This is what sets’s athlete sponsorship apart from the rest. Sponsored athletes will get paid a certain percentage of the gross sale of products sold on Typically, the athlete will receive 5 to 25% depending on the product. Some products have low margins, and others have high margins.  

3) Snowballing Commission.

This is where the real money is made. Because our athlete sponsorship is based on search engine optimization, the athlete will be able to stack their keywords to as many as possible. For example, if the athlete has helped up the rank for the keyword, “squat proof leggings,” they would earn a commission on that. Then the athlete helped us rank for the keyword, “plain protein powder.” The athlete would receive a commission on that. After 6 months, the sponsored athlete will be making a commission on several keywords, creating the snowball effect. Skys the limit on how much commission a sponsored athlete can make.

EverGreen Payments

The best thing about this athlete sponsorship is the evergreen effect. For example, once a keyword ranks that the sponsored athlete helped rank, they will begin receiving affiliate payments. These payments NEVER expire or end! The sponsored athlete can keep receiving payments month after month after month. Unlike typical sponsorships that end at a specific date once the athlete stops promoting that companies products, the athlete sponsorship never ends, even if the athlete does not advertise Proteinfactory on its social media pages. As long as the content they help rank on Google generates money, the athlete will keep getting paid commissions!

Bonus: The sponsored athlete will be able to post their own content on For example, let’s say the sponsored athlete wants to promote their line of workout clothes. The sponsored athlete can create an article with video and pictures and post it on Because Proteinfactory has a high domain authority, the article will have a good chance of ranking on Google instead of the sponsored athlete posting on its website, which may have a low domain authority and will never rank. One thing that the President of Proteinfatory has always said was, “what is the point in creating content or writing an article if no one is going to read or see it?”  

The Athlete Sponsorship Plan

Proteinfactory’s athlete sponsorship plan revolves around search engine optimization or SEO for short. SEO helps improve a website for search engine results specifically focused on Google, the world’s most popular search engine website. SEO is what we feel the most lucrative form of marketing an internet company can do. When searching for something online, most people use Google, and when the results are displayed, they are clicking on the first page and taking action. Whether it is buying something, making a reservation, reading a review, and much more. In this case, people are searching for keywords related to supplements and protein powders, such as whey protein, creatine, fat burners, and many more.  

According to statistics, around 200,000 people search for whey protein per month. If a website is ranked on the first page of Google for this keyword, they will see a ton of organic traffic going to their website. The more organic traffic, the more sales.  

But it is not easy to rank on the first page of Google for such a popular keyword. It takes two things, mainly to rank on the first page of Google. A high authority website and/or social signals.  

A high authority website is a website that Google thinks is essentially an expert on something. For example, the news. Google believes that websites such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are experts in the news. And rightfully so.

Social signals are signals that Google picks up on from social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. For example, if millions of people are going from Instagram to a website, then Google will rank that website higher in the search results.

Now the magic is when you combine a high authority website with social signals, and the ranking goes up even higher.

The website has a pretty good authority score with Google. Google feels the is an expert at hundreds of topics. However, because is mainly an information site and is focused on articles, it does not have an excellent social media presence. That is where the athlete comes into play.  

The sponsored athlete will send their followers from their social media sites to the website. 

What The Sponsored Athlete Needs To Do

If an athlete wants to be sponsored by Proteinfactory, they first need to send an email or text message to the company. No need to fill out an athlete sponsorship application. The number to text message is 732-901-9600. The email address is [email protected]. The message should be detailed enough so that Proteinfactory can view the athlete’s social media accounts.

How Many Followers Does An Athlete Need To Have?

The sponsored athlete should have at least 1,000 followers. This amount is because it will enable the athlete to send some traffic to

Create Content

Once Proteinfactory accepts the athlete into their sponsorship program, the athlete needs to create content. Content can be anything from a picture, review, or video. But the most important thing is that the athlete pushes his followers to go to This will create the social signals that needs to helps in search engine ranking placements (SERP’s).

Here is an example of one of our sponsored athletes, Jordyn Trenholm

Summary of the Athlete Sponsorship

  • The athlete partners with Proteinfactory to help each other rank on the first page of Google, which is the most lucrative form of internet marketing. This is much different than the one and done pay per post that companies offer to sponsored athletes. Which really is not sponsored. 
  • The athlete wants to create as much content as possible, creating a snowball effect.
  • The sponsored athlete can monetize their content in many ways.
  • The sponsored athlete creates more and more content to rank more and more keywords creating numerous streams of income. 

How much Can The Sponsored Athlete Make

Skyes the limit seriously. Even though complex, partnering with Proteinfactoy will revolutionize athletic sponsorship.

If you would like to be a sponsored athlete, text 732.901.9600 or [email protected]