Avoid The Holiday Weight Gain

Here is a Scary word for everyone


It has started.

Staying consistent with food is hard. We cook more, we pick more, and we fall off track making January our S.O.S.

This Year, let’s not make January our New Year, New You struggle. NO more fit January recovery.  In January I want to make a resolution other than drop holiday weight.

I always struggle with eating during the next three months. I go out to eat more, I get stressed more, and I find less time to hit the gym.

Some helpful hints for a successful 2016 holiday season.

Pick on the healthy snacks.

Carrots over chips. Water over Soda. Diet soda over regular soda.

Portion control.

One scoop, not two. More meat, less fillers. Hold the bread.

-Eat only when hungry.

Sitting in front of the computer or tv is the worst time to snack because before you know it you’ll be done with that bad food that you were only going to have a bite of.

When cooking use less.

Less Salt.  Less Butter Less and sour cream. Healthier meals.

Say no to Toppings.

Ask for fresh fruit as a topping on ice cream or cakes.

-When out to eat choose wisely.

Steak over pasta. Ask for dressing on the side. Tell them to hold the butter or salts. Don’t think that your being annoying, it’s just like having a food allergy – you have needs.

Eating for ONE PLEASE.

Sizes out to eat are crazy. Order for one get food for 3. Chain food is portions to the max. Eat half the food on your plate. Eat the protein on the plate first. Save the rest for later. Have left overs. It’s a second meal or even a third.

Have dessert!

Still be smart, portion control this meal. Share dessert with someone. Hold the topping.

– Make sure you’re not eating too late.

Late night snacking is bad. I cut out food at 9pm because I go to bed at 10/11

Don’t think Cardio will save you.

You can’t out run a poor diet. I don’t care how much I run/ lift/ or cry. If you eat bad you can’t hide it.

– Join a class at the gym.

It makes you more obligated to go and not make excuses. I am not a class kind of person. I don’t like dancing around like an animal for an hour but if that is the way that will force you to get to the gym after that class go lift some heavy weights.

– Pre pack snacks to go high in fiber.

Fiber keeps you fuller longer. Also it’s good for running to the mall and being hungry and not eating that unhealthy mall food.  Have something in your purse for yourself and your children.


The Struggle is REAL. It Doesn’t have to be. Making 2017 a real game changer!