Back From Europe Exploring New Supplements

Hello Customers!

I am back from my trip to Europe with the goal to create a supplement company that will bring the industry out of the dark ages.  The supplement industry is in the dark ages, the low-point really of the industry.  This means that the industry is being dominated by companies that sell supplements that have been around for decades, supplements containing dangers products, using life-style marketing techniques, and steroid users (both men and women) pushing their products.  In addition, I don’t know one single supplement company that conducts research and development to create new supplements, with the exception of my own.  It seems to me, that the Proteinfactory will be THE company to develop new muscle building products.

Let me give you an example of how the sports nutrition industry is in the toilet.  Ever hear of that little expo called the Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus Ohio?  Yea that one, where 100’s of thousands of people attend.  I first had a booth at the expo dating back to around 2000.  Back then the internet was not the juggernaut that it is today and having a booth at the expo and spending about $30,000 for it was a good way of reaching people.  Nowadays, as the Prez of, I can find a thousand other things that could spend my marketing dollars on that would give me a much better ROI.

Surfing Instagram, I could not help but notice this pic and it made me just shake my head, knowing that I was right….the sports nutrition cannot get any lower, we’ve hit rock bottom.

Back in the day Arnold would walk around the fitness expo and people would go crazy.  Typically he would walk to the most popular supplement company booths and take some photo’s.  Years ago it was EAS, Met-Rx, Muscle Tech, Universal, and a few other big ones.  This would make for a good photo op and Arnold taking his pic at a supplement company booth would kinda legitimize this horrible industry.   Obviously all planned out.  Nowadays, he takes a pic with Black Stone Labs.  I have zero respect for Black Stone Labs.  They sell products I feel are not even dietary supplements.   When Arnold decided to do his photo op with this company, he is essentially saying, “This is the face of the sports nutrition industry, Black Stone Labs”.  Pathetic to say the least, and we have truly reached a low-point in the sports nutrition industry.

arnold fitness expo

Now here’s two pics of me in Europe.  Yes I was there while the Arnold Fitness Classic was going on.  Instead of taking pics with Arnold and partying it up in Columbus OH.  I was doing research and development to possibly create the next great muscle building supplement.

IMG_2066FullSizeRender (18)

My quest in Europe took me to a few countries.  I brought back the new product that could be THE product.  I will be taking this product in a method similar to how a consumer would use it.  I’m not hooking myself up to machines and taking blood tests.  I am taking a realistic approach. I want this product to blow me away.  As of right now I am about 194 lbs.  I would like this product to get me above 200 lbs in about 2 weeks.

In addition, I have brought back a new micellar casein protein powder from France.  Talk about quality!  This is one of the best caseins I have ever used.  It will be available for sale next week.