The Bench Press Calculator | How Much Ya Bench, Bro?

The Bench Press Calculator is very simple, just select the weight you pressed and for how many reps and it will calculate your approximate 1 Rep Max. This number from the bench press calculator can be used for exercise programs that require you to do 8 reps at 85% max for example or just for personal knowledge. Use this number to see how your gainz improve as you continue lifting, for an added boost, check out ProteinFactory supplements!

The bench press, alongside the squat and deadlift, is one of the main pillars of bodybuilding. This exercise is easy to learn but difficult to master. When performing any exercise, including bench press, form is the most important. It is key to lower the bar so it touches your chest and to keep your back and glutes flat on the bench. This to maximize how much you are getting out of the lift to increase your GAINZ! Check out this link and read where he talks about form,

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There isn’t just one way to perform the bench press either, different styles can work different parts of the body to strengthen weak parts of the body. For example, incline and decline bench press work more of the upper chest and lower chest respectively. Reverse grip and narrow grip bench press also work the upper chess extremely well. It is good to work in these exercises to really build your chest. Check this link for more in-depth descriptions of bench press variations.

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Remember when lifting heavier and heavier weights or even trying to hit that 1 Rep Max, always have a spotter, or you could end up in the next viral gym fails compilation on youtube. Safety first!

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